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Are you looking for a party that can develop custom web applications? Our web app experts develop custom solutions for big names such as: the ROC and ExamenOverzicht. With a custom web app you combine the power of a regular app with the possibilities of a desktop. Do you want to know more about web apps? Keep reading.

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What is a web app?

When we describe a web app, we make the comparison with a (hybrid or native) app. You normally download these apps via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Web apps differ in this because you can use them immediately without downloading. This provides many advantages, such as a low entry threshold for the end user. A good example of a widely used web app is Facebook. Because you can also reach this application directly without performing a download.

The difference between web, native and hybrid apps?

What is the difference between web, native or hybrid apps? Web apps have a number of advantages over native or hybrid apps. As mentioned earlier, you can use these applications directly from your smartphone or desktop. Native and hybrid apps must first be downloaded from the App Store before they can be used. 

In addition, the programming language is different. Native apps are fully developed with Swift of Kotlin. We develop web apps in React which has the additional advantage that it can be easily linked to mobile apps. For example, we have in the project of BabyManager, we linked their web app (as CMS) to the mobile app.

"Coffee IT delivers professional work and communicates well"

– Guilherme Luttikhuizen dos Santos, ExamenOverzicht

Guilherme is the founder of ExamenOverzicht and sees the company becoming a market leader in summaries for final exams.

Two projects from our web app developers

Darwin web app

Darwin is a web app developed by Coffee IT that provides total insight and control over a building. This platform uses the Internet of Things and is the next step in building automation (home automation). Users can manage all functionalities in the building with the web app.


The 'Liveadvize' web app is one of the web apps we have developed. This user-friendly web app easily connects entrepreneurs with experts for advice. Are you curious about which applications we have developed? View our portfolio here.

Web apps for all devices

Web app or mobile app?

Mobile apps and web apps can be made as complex as you want and both have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, mobile apps are generally more time-intensive to develop, which means they are often more expensive. Developing a web app is in most cases more efficient, which keeps the costs lower.

Because web apps can be accessed via the browser, they are immediately usable for both iOS en Android systems. Our web applications show similar performance as a mobile app. We combine the technical possibilities of an app with a website appearance. So best of both worlds. Do you want to have a web app developed? Then Contact us without obligation.

Web app developer with experience

Our experienced team of web app developers has more than 8 years of experience designing and building high-end apps. Our team of 40+ developers all work in-house from our office in Utrecht. By using the latest techniques and frameworks (such as React), our web apps are scalable, responsive and work well on any device.

As a full-service app developer, web apps are one of our specialties. In addition, our specialized developers also work every day to develop native apps (iOS & Android) and hybrid apps.

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How long does it take to develop a web app

How long does it take to develop a web app?

Wondering if you should have a web app developed? Many organizations use a web app for building automation, e-learning or to improve a service. In many situations, a web app is a smart addition to the business strategy.

As an experienced developer, we think along from the strategy phase onwards. In this phase, we ask critical questions and clearly map out the goals and results. Curious about the entire step-by-step process? Take a look at our development process.

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