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Explore the world of connected apps: where technology meets efficiency. Devices and functions connected to each other. From automated garden lighting to online baggage check-in - connectivity is key.
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After 10 years and developing countless connected apps, we have built up a wealth of experience. In order to offer you a complete solution, we have built close collaborations with hardware partners. Our team of certified developersunderstand exactly what you are facing and provide a solution that perfectly meets your needs. Whether it is a IoT application or a IIoT solution.

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What are connected apps?

Want to make devices talk to each other? This is possible thanks to Internet of Things (IoT). Connected apps connect devices and systems with each other via the internet just like IoT apps. They make it possible to control and manage devices even when you are not physically near them. Connected apps open the door to an integrated, efficient and connected experience.

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In-house team

To ensure high quality, we deploy our internal team of developers, each with their own specialization. This ensures that an expert is constantly working on the app, regardless of the technical choices you make.

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Thanks to modern technologies such as Matter, we have developed a range of advanced connected apps. By working with hardware manufacturers, our apps integrate seamlessly with various smart devices.

Agile working method

We work on your app in a two-week sprint. We use retrospectives to process your feedback and deliver the desired results within the agreed time.

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Benefits of a connected app

Connected apps offer countless benefits, such as improved efficiency through automated tasks, and unparalleled convenience through remote control and device monitoring. They are the future of connectivity, where the world is seamlessly connected for both individuals and businesses.

Native app user experience

A native app guarantees a user experience of the highest level. We work with Matter and also create links with Google Home and HomeKit. This way, users can control all their smart devices via one handy application.

IoT app development

A connected app is also called an IoT app. With an IoT app, you can control smart devices that are connected to the internet. In addition, it is also possible to manage and control smart devices remotely via the internet.

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