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Do you want to have a app made? We realize the digital dreams of organizations with tailor-made solutions. Coffee IT is a specialist in creating, designing and maintaining high-quality apps for iOS, Android and web

Our apps are intuitive, scalable and are specifically developed based on organizational goals. Ordered before Roompot we have created an app so that customers can check in digitally. And for the ambitious scale-up Range we created an app with thousands of downloads on the day of release. 


Tailor-made app development

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Want to start or grow your business with a custom app? We realize the digital ambitions of organizations with tailor-made solutions. Coffee IT is a specialist in creating, designing and maintaining high-quality apps for all platforms.

For the ambitious scale-up Range we created an app with thousands of downloads on the day of release. And for Roompot we have created an app so that customers can check in digitally. In short: our apps are intuitive, scalable and are developed specifically based on the goals of the organization.

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Your own custom app developed?

Creating a custom app requires an app development team with a lot of expertise. Our mission is simple: realizing digital dreams.

At our office, the lights regularly stay on a bit longer. Sometimes due to a unique idea, sometimes due to a deadline that has to be met. One thing is certain: we have a deep-rooted passion for smart technology.

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Have an app created: what can you expect?

It is an intensive and technical process to have a custom app made. You want a user-friendly app with a beautiful design, rave reviews in the app stores and a fast ROI. This takes time and resources. What makes or breaks an ICT project?

The timeframe when you have an app created depends a lot on the complexity. Think about: what functionalities should the app have? Which technology will be used? For example, should the app be available on iOS and Android devices or is one platform enough or do you want a web application? These are all factors that determine the development time of an app. Depending on these factors, developing an app takes a few weeks to months.

In general, after a signed quote, we can quickly start creating an app. Would you like to receive a rough indication of the development time of a custom app? Then read this blog 'how long does it take to create an appor contact our specialists.

The cost of having a custom app developed vary widely and depend on the complexity of an app. Compare the question with 'what does a house cost?'. Do you buy a small apartment somewhere in a small village near Muggenbeet (this exists and is located here), or do you buy a three-storey city building? Prices vary widely.

The cost of creating an app ranges from a few thousand to several million euros. Because all our apps are custom, the code is developed specifically for your organizational purpose and user. We do not use app builders or standard components, everything is custom and bespoke.

Still curious to know approximately what it costs to make an app? On this page we explain which factors influence the cost of an app. Fill in the form at the bottom of the page as detailed as possible, and we will provide you with a price indication for your app.

What can you expect as a client when you have an app made?

When we create an app, we support both the development process and the management. Our aim is to guide the client as much as possible where necessary and get to a desired result quickly. To get to the core quickly, we need an app's vision and roadmap. Is there a business plan or requirements document? We would like to receive this so that we can provide tailor-made advice.*

*We understand that trust is important. We therefore have an NDA statement (confidentiality statement) as standard, which we would like to send you before explaining the concept. Ask for the possibilities.

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is: which features are most important for my app? To answer this question, you first need to know the purpose of your app. For example, do you want to automate something or build a community? Both have very different functions that are important. Read all about important app features in this blog post.

With regularity, parties contact us who have had an app developed in India. This is often cheaper because labor costs are much lower. Having an app made elsewhere is not unwise in any case. Do you have a simple app with few features? Then it might be smart to have it made in India, for example, through outsourcing. But beware: often cheap is expensive. So make clear agreements when you have an app developed in India.

Read this blog to know what to look out for when you have an app developed by foreign developers.

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Together we build a successful app

During the Accelerator Day we look at your app idea together and formulate a clear roadmap in one day. This day is organized by one of our club members: The Concept Club. By clarifying the goal together, we have a flying start towards the intended result. Are you ready to have one? build an app?

More about the Accelerator Day

Our app development process

Our agile method is efficient and validated. This ensures money and time savings and a sustainable app that lasts. From the start of the project, you as the client have access to our Project Management System (Jira), so you know exactly what your app team is doing and in which phase the app is.

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Do you have an idea and do you need an app for it? We start with an Accelerator Day and MVP. Together we shape your idea and create a clear roadmap.

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In-house team

To guarantee the best quality, we work with our own in-house developers. This means there is always an expert working on the app, regardless of which technique you choose.


Latest techniques

We make apps with the latest techniques and trends. From blockchain apps to streaming services. With React Native to SwiftUI and from PWA to native applications.

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User = human

The high user-friendliness of our apps is achieved by actively thinking along with both the client and the end user and by frequent testing.

Our process

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Have an app made In-lite

In-lite: the smart lightning app

When having a custom app made, you want to be sure of two things: high-quality development and that it is a solid business investment. For in-lite, we built a native app developed that uses the latest technology. By using routines and motion sensors, users can control their garden lighting in a smart way. Partly due to the success of the app, in-lite is now the market leader in the field of high-end garden lighting.

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What does the development of an application cost?

The costs for a (company) app Therefore, confusion often arises about having an app developed. Are the costs now €5.000 or €100.000? Cost is also an important aspect in the decision-making process. We therefore often get the question: what does it cost to have an app developed.

To provide some guidelines, our app development process consists of three steps. The Accelerator Day where we work out the entire strategy, the (UX & UI) design phase and the development phase. This entire process takes about 4 months, but this depends on the complexity of the app. Read the following blog to find out everything about the development costs: app development costs.

Have an app made Coffee IT BeyondDutch and Roompot app

Have a hybrid or native app created

Choosing the right technique is the basis, when you have a mobile app developed, it starts with choosing the right technique. For example, do you want one? web app have it made, there are various advantages and disadvantages. Take Contact us if you are not yet sure which technique you want to use for your app. 

All our in-house developers have experience in almost every technology or programming language. This allows us to deliver the quality you expect from an experienced app developer. This way you are assured of a good quality app without bugs.

In addition to creating native, hybrid and web apps, Coffee IT specializes in creating complex apps. Think about connected apps who use it IoT (internet of Things), BLE (Bluetooth) and other advanced functions of a smartphone or device.

hybrid apphas a wide reach. The app can then be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Do you want to give users the best experience with your app? Then can develop a native app for iOS or AndroidWeb apps are also possible, then the user only needs a working internet connection.

Want to know more about the different app technologies, frameworks and weigh up all the pros and cons so you can make a solid choice later on? Click the button below for more info.

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