Industrial IoT development services

Looking to use the power of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for your business? We're a leading app development company specializing in IIoT solutions that cover both hardware and software. We help businesses optimize their operations, boost productivity, and unlock new opportunities in diverse industries, from sustainability in aviation to automotive solutions.

Coffee IT as your Industrial IoT Development Partner

As Industrial IoT Development Partner, we have completed several impactful IIoT projects. By staying up to date with IIoT advancements, we ensure that you have access to the latest technologies that will future-proof your business. With a team of 40+ certified developers, we understand your challenges and collaborate closely with you to create customized IIoT solutions.

Why develop an IIoT solution?

Enhanced efficiency: Streamline operations, reduce downtime, and maximize productivity through process automation.
Data-driven insights: Make informed decisions and predict maintenance requirements with actionable data analysis.
Scalability and future-proofing: Stay ahead of the competition with scalable systems that adapt to your growing business needs.

Customer success stories

We accompany our clients from concept to well after release. Our IIoT applications enable remote monitoring of assets, boost quality control, and promote operational efficiency. See examples of our Industrial Iot projects below.

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Why let your IIoT solutions be developed
by Coffee IT?

End-to-End Solution

From initial concept and design to development, implementation, IoT data analytics and ongoing maintenance, we handle every aspect of the project.

Security and Data Privacy

Security and data privacy is important in the IIoT landscape. We are ISO-27001 and NEN-7510 certified, and adhere to industry standards to protect your sensitive data.

Agile Development

We work in sprints and conduct biweekly retrospectives. This allows us to incorporate your feedback and deliver desired results within a set timeframe.

Our validated IIoT solution development process

IIOT Solutions Accelerator day

Accelerator day

During the Accelerator Day, we translate your idea into a roadmap with clear steps, and we brainstorm your entire concept from A to Z. As an experienced app developer, we are happy to share our knowledge and experiences.

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Wireframe & design

Now that the concept is totally clear, our creative designers take over to start with wireframes. Your idea really comes to life.

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WireFrame & Ontwerp van Software Ontwikkeling
IIOT Solutions development

IIOT solution development

Now we are really getting started. We develop software using our Scrum working method: in small multidisciplinary teams, we work on the software in fortnightly sprints. Together with the hardware developers, we draw up a PoC to determine the practical feasibility of the idea.

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Release time

Let's pop champagne! This is the moment we've worked hard for: your custom software is live. We ensure worry-free operation and support.

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IIOT solutions release

Extra service

Maintenance & support

No downtime. As a developer, we know how important it is that the app always works. With active monitoring, optional further development and support in the evenings and weekends, we’re there for you.

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Extra service

Data & IoT Analytics

You cannot improve without analyzing results. And an IIoT solution generates many streams of data. Therefore, we build dashboards to analyze and visualize this data. This way, we can transform real-time data into informed business decisions.

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Our tech stack
Creating customized IIoT solutions

Every project requires a unique approach and set of skills. Our diverse team has knowledge over a variety of technologies and languages to create cutting-edge IIoT solutions.

Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT software specifically targets industrial settings and aims to enhance safety, optimize operations, and improve productivity within sectors such as manufacturing and logistics. IIoT software offers advanced features tailored to industrial needs. These include real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, data analysis and integration with existing systems and workflows.

Internet of Things

IoT software is designed to connect various devices and enable functionalities for a wide range of applications. It includes consumer-oriented solutions like wearable technology and smart home devices. IoT software typically provides features such as device connectivity, data collection, and analytics to facilitate automation and convenience in everyday life.
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