We (further) develop native, hybrid and web apps

We continue to build into a successful app

Do you have an existing app but are you not (yet) achieving the desired result? Often this is not the issue concept behind the app. Still, the desired results are not forthcoming. As an experienced app developer, we help you take the next step!

Have your app developed further

There are countless reasons to further develop an existing app. Perhaps you have outsourced the development to a foreign party with whom communication does not run smoothly or the current cooperation is not what you expected. As an experienced app developer, we are regularly approached by parties who have had an app made and are not too satisfied with it. This often has the following causes:

  • The quality of the app is insufficient
  • Bugs often occur, or the app even stops working altogether
  • The app is not compatible on multiple operating systems or devices
  • Continuous improvement or further development of the core functionalities has not been taken into account
  • The app no ​​longer works after operating system updates such as iOS and Android
  • The UI and UX design of the app is poorly thought out, leaving users

In many cases we can further develop an app on the existing wireframes and codes. With a strategic approach and thorough further development, the current app can be converted into a success.

Have your app developed further
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Why choose Coffee IT?

We guide our customers from concept to long after release. From applications that make aviation a lot more sustainable to a video On Demand streaming service.

Why develop your app further?

De first version of the app or platform is just the beginning. After the first launch in the App Store, the first users will try the app. This provides very valuable user data that you can use to optimize the app. Think of flow improvements and/or new functionalities that ensure that your app is used more. But you also need to develop the app with a new operating system. Developing an app is always a moving project.

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We (further) develop apps for millions of users

For more than 8 years we have been developing apps that are used by millions of users. We translate complex problems into intuitive solutions that make an impact.

Prijsvrij vakanties

With the Prijsvrij vakanties app, all travelers have a Digital Travel Assistant in the palm of their hand. The app contains all information about the booking, transfer, travel documents and extras such as car rental or cancellation insurance.
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Prijsvrij vakanties


Checking in your luggage without having to queue for an hour first? BAGTAG is the ultimate travel companion for the frequent flier. With the electronic baggage label, pilots can easily check in baggage online anytime and anywhere using the white label native app. For this, the app uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology.
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Baby manager

Gathering the right information during and after pregnancy is essential for (future) parents. This while there has been a shortage of maternity nurses for years, who are the greatest source of useful tips and advice during this important period. BabyManager is the app for future and new parents.
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The in-lite garden lighting app gives users full control over their garden via Bluetooth Low Energy. With the help of set motion sensors or routines, lights are always on at the right time.
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SocialBlox is the world's first privacy-first social media platform with its own cryptocurrency. This native app uses a unique algorithm that only shows the user content based on interest, content quality and age.
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Continue to develop the app: focus on app engagement and retention

A new app can only be successful if the user continues to use the app. Terms such as app engagement (how active users are) and retention (how many users continue to use the app) are factors that indicate how valuable the user finds the app. By continuously improving the app, you achieve a version that best meets the needs of the user.

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