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Together we develop a custom application that perfectly suits the end user. From concept to successful end product with high quality and an intuitive design.

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Process Application Development

Application development bythe Coffee IT team

During the application development we translate complex problems into intuitive solutions. We identify the problem together with you to identify the problem. From the problem we think back to the technology. As a result, we develop a user-friendly app with a good interface for the end user. 

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The process of application development

When we develop an application, we do this as efficiently as possible. This ensures a fast and cost-efficient development process. We also work transparently. This way you have contact with the project manager from the start of the project. He keeps an overview and regularly reports on the status of the project.

Do you have an idea and do you need an application for it? We start with one Accelerator Day. Together we shape your idea and create a clear roadmap.

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Applications that we have developed for our customers

We guide our customers from concept to release. From applications that make aviation a lot more sustainable to a Video On Demand streaming service. View examples of our work below.

Bagtag luggage tag app

Design, native development, further development and maintenance

The BAGTAG is the ultimate travel companion for the frequent flier. With the electronic luggage tag, users can easily check in luggage online with a smartphone whenever and wherever. BAGTAG is already being used by major airlines including KLM, Lufthansa, China Airlines and Swiss Air.

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DutchChannels Video on Demand

As a Video on Demand provider, DutchChannels wanted to do things slightly differently. The streaming service provider wanted to create a unique user experience for each niche market. They have done this by developing their own platform for each target group, including WithLove. For example, DutchChannels already manages 5 different streaming apps and has more than hundreds of thousands of hours of streamed videos.

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in-lite smart garden lighting

in-lite is more than an outdoor lighting brand. This Dutch company has the mission to make every outdoor space special. Together with In-lite We therefore faced a major challenge: to make the innovative and smart garden lighting work together seamlessly through a user-friendly solution native available.

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Would you also like to have an application developed?

Do you want to have an application developed? Together we determine which problem can be solved with the app and how the app will pay for itself. To guarantee the best quality and ensure that the application is ready for the coming years, we always work with our own in-house developers per discipline. Regardless of which technology you choose, there is always an expert working on the app.

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Custom hybrid or native application development

Every application development starts with choosing the right technology. For example, do you want one? web app developed, then there are several advantages and disadvantages to it. Contact us if you are not yet sure which technique you want to use for your app. 

All our in-house developers have their own specialization. This allows us to deliver the high quality you can expect from an experienced app developer. Do you want to translate a complex problem into an intuitive solution? Then take contact without obligation.

In addition to developing native, hybrid and web apps, Coffee IT specializes in creating complex apps. Think of apps that use the IoT (internet of Things), BLE (Bluetooth) and other advanced functions of a smartphone or device.

hybrid apphas a wide reach. The app can then be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Do you want to give users the best experience with your app? Then can develop a native app for iOS or AndroidWeb apps are also possible, then the user only needs a working internet connection.

Want to know more about the different app technologies, frameworks and weigh up all the pros and cons so you can make a solid choice later on? Click the button below for more info.

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Custom developers with a mission

Custom app developer with a mission

We develop applications throughout the Netherlands with a passionate and motivated team. We have developed an application for several major brands. These are employers such as Roompot, Deloitte and Bagtag

Our passion lies in translating complex problems into intuitive solutions. We build high-quality and intuitive apps with specialized programmers per framework, application strategists and UI & UX designers. 

At Coffee IT we believe in focus. Our focus: building high-quality applications that pose technical challenges. In this way we help our clients with a sustainable solution and we empower our developers.

Everyone in the team has a passion for apps, whether it concerns application development or marketing them. Successes are shared with both the team and the client. During an app release, we come by with champagne and toast together to a successful completion. Coffee IT has been a recognized app developer for more than 8 years hybrid apps, native apps en web apps.

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