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"At Coffee IT we are always looking for new talent who is just as keen in innovation and app development as we are."


We believe in technology that fits flawlessly with the needs of the user. At Coffee IT it is our goal to make the life of users not only easier but also enlightened. We work in small collaborating teams to develop applications for big clients. So it is important that everyone works well together. Being a team player and helping each other to raise the bar should not be a problem for you. We are a future oriented company and expect the same mentality from you. Meaning that at Coffee IT you have a proactive attitude, like challenges, love building awesome apps and you have fun doing it.

"Stationed in the center of the city in the heart of the Netherlands, I feel like it provides the perfect setting for working and feel connected to this vibrant city" - Thijs Hendrikx

The Coffee IT culture

  • Proactive and unstoppable
  • There is room for personal development
  • Transparency and open working environment
  • Fun and hard work can be combined
  • Epic company events (see video)
  • Clear communication

Why apply for a vacancy at Coffee IT?

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Room for development

Interested in learning a new programming language? At Coffee IT we provide you with the tools you need to continuously develop your skills and interests. With us you are always working on different projects at the same time, which means that you master multiple disciplines within no time.


At Coffee IT we organise events with the whole team on a regular basis. We strongly believe in a healthy working environment where everyone can be whoever he (or she, or it?) wants to be. Having fun is part of this deal, and getting to know each other is a great way of achieving this. Are you a Mario-kart professional, a fine taster for draft beer or a bowling champion? Good!


Do you have a drive for working with the latest techniques and trend related to app development? Well, we do to! Watching Google IO or Apple Keynotes are part of the job. Just like coming up with creative solutions for our diverse range of clients.

Fancy a job at Coffee IT?

Interested in working for Coffee IT as a developer or marketer? Below are our open job positions. Is your position not listed but you are sure that your skill can’t be missed? Send us an open letter and who knows, maybe you are the newest member of the team.

Fancy an internship at Coffee IT?

Here at Coffee IT you have unlimited access to develop yourself in de world of app making. If you are interested in learning new app development skills, then we make sure you have all the tools you need. We guarantee that after your internship, you will be able to present a complete app project in stores. Our expectations run high, for both you and ourselves. But if you show commitment we return the favor. Doing an internship at Coffee IT means you will be fully part of the team. We offer you a positive and fun working environment, guidance when needed and responsibility if you’re brave enough to take it. We organize events on a regular basis. So you will have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the beautiful city of Utrecht and meet lots of great likeminded people.

Does this sound interesting to you and you see yourself working in a young, dynamic and fun team of geeks? Good! Apply for one of our internships or hit the call button directly.

Our core values

Change does not easily scare you and you have an Agile work attitude.

Honesty is key. Making mistakes is human, and we do it all the time. As long as you take responsibility and learn from it. And bring cake.

Just like you are honest to us, we are honest and transparant to you. No games, no false pretenses or scheming. If you do something wrong we will guide you to do better. If you do something well we will put you on a pedestal, just like you deserve.

Unlimited freedom, with rules though. Working schedules are flexible and we are tolerant with holidays and days off. We do appreciate it when everything is well communicated and aligned.

Because solutions are simply more fun than problems. Problems make room for creative solutions though.

You have a clear vision on how things can do better? We are open for feedback and new ideas. Enlighten us!

Apply immediately?

Leave your contact details and we would like to invite you for a cup of coffee to discuss the possibilities for a job position at Coffee IT.