Utrecht, 22 March | 4 minutes 

By now you already know that we like to come up with our own events with catchy names. In addition to the Coffee I/O (possibly nicked a bit from Google's I/O) and our own periodic hackathon called Freaky Friday carries, we recently also created the Learning Lunch!

Learning Lunch? What is that then....? ?

Knowledge sharing is in our DNA. As an app developer, we are constantly working on the latest developments, techniques and we regularly write in-depth blog posts about technical developments, new products and app releases. As a full-service developer, there are teams that work hard every day on web software, hybrid apps in React or native apps for iOS or Android. These teams have their own challenges and developments. The Learning Lunch was created to promote internal knowledge sharing and to discuss the latest projects informally.

tvOS with React Native

The Learning Lunch was kicked off by our hybrid developer Duco. One of the projects he has been working on recently is the TV streaming service apps With Love. ReNative makes it possible to develop cross-platform apps with React Native. As a hybrid developer, he is the expert in this programming language. Duco took us along in the development of the TV apps and what lessons he took from this. most importantly he listed:

  • ReNative makes it easy to implement platform-specific logic;
  • ReNative generates all platform specific elements based on configs. Config based;
  • ReNative easily supports white labeling;
  • With ReNative you can override any file via appConfigs. Which allows you to add native components such as Bitmovin subtitles.

Not only the developers share their knowledge......??‍?

Not only the developers shared their experiences and knowledge with the entire team during a Learning Lunch, but also one of the marketeers: Marthijn. During the Learning Lunch he talked about his activities that ensure that Coffee IT remains the #1 app developer in the Google results. Marketing terms such as SEO, ROI and YOY were quickly thrown around, which resulted in a nice discussion in the team. Because the Coffee IT team has grown considerably in recent weeks, Marthijn also immediately explained who all works in the marketing-sales team and what the goals are for 2021.

Learning Lunch Marketing

How is knowledge sharing promoted internally?

Knowledge sharing can be done in many ways. For example, we recently started hosting Clubhouse Rooms in which we talk to other entrepreneurs about the challenges and opportunities within IT. Check our socials for the most recent event on Clubhouse.

Do you have a good idea and/or example for knowledge sharing? Let us know via one of our socials!