Transform your garden with Scenes: the new app feature from in-lite

Utrecht, 10 July | 2 minutes 

Last week we took another real next step in the development of the most extensive smart outdoor lighting platform! The Scene function in the in-lite app has gone live.

Bring your garden to life with in-lite Scenes

We are excited to release the latest app update (version 3.3.0). in-lite which allows users to transform their garden into a unique and atmospheric environment. With the introduction of Scenes, you can now create the perfect setting for every garden moment at the touch of a button. From garden parties to cozy dinner parties, with Scenes users can easily customize the color of their smart bulbs and save them to their favourites.

Our challenge during development

The challenge for this release was to bundle all the commands to be sent to the lamps. Since a garden often contains several smart lights, sending all commands at the same time would overload the network. That is why we have developed a system in which the commands are bundled and sent one by one in groups. Recognizing a successful command and marking it off the list of commands still to be sent was also a challenge.

Check it out!

The update is now live on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, download it now and experience unique garden moments! Want to know more about the function? read it news article from in-lite.