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What clients say about us

Every new project is a piece of co-creation. The customer has an innovative concept. We have the expertise to turn it into something cool. We are rated a 9+.

"I am very satisfied with the app that Coffee IT is developing for us. The cooperation is going well and deadlines are neatly met. I'm really looking forward to the end result!"

Nienke - Prijsvrij Vakanties
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“Young club that knows a lot about native app development"

Wesley Koolen - Roompot vakantieparken

“Coffee IT helps to take app development work off our hands and acts as a general sparring partner. They are easy to work with because of their technical know-how and clear communication.”

Marco Veilinga - Spindle Devhouse
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examenoverzicht-Guilherme-Luttikhuizen-dos-Santos references

"Delivers professional work and communicates well”

Guilherme Luttikhuizen dos Santos - ExamenOverzicht
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"They are technically strong and clearly have a passion for building good apps. They think along, work hard and are flexible."

Wouter van Eldrijk - DutchChannels
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"Within a few months, Coffee IT has achieved a good result. Promises fulfilled they managed to meet a very crucial deadline for us."

Zeno van de Ven - Knaek Student App

"Good team. Great cooperation and think along with the customer."

Kor van der Bij - Shot on Target
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"Coffee IT helped me tremendously with the development of my Range app. Creative and very flexible. Communication is good and fast..."

Dylan - Range App
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"Great team of developers who think along with the customer. Very skilled, fast in delivery and professional in communication..."

Robbert Schep - Groovidi

"A young club with great ideas and to the point communication. We are happy to work with them."

Michel Weeren - ClearVox (X2Com)
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"Coffee IT has shown itself to be a reliable partner throughout the process. They have a lot technical knowledge in-house and actively think along with you from the start."

Elwin Spoel - De Lerende Ambtenaar
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