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Every development is a piece of co-creation. Therefore, we like to work closely with each customer. Together we make an impact by transforming complex problems into intuitive solutions. This is our method.

app development process accelerator day
app development process accelerator day2

Accelerator day

During the Accelerator Day, we translate your idea into a roadmap with clear steps and we think about your whole concept from A to Z. As experienced app developer, we are happy to share our knowledge and experiences.

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Wireframe & design

Now that the concept is completely clear, our creative designers will put the first hand on the wireframes. Your idea is now coming to life.

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How long does it take to develop a web app
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app development process quote

The quote

We got to know each other well and we are on the same page. Based on the Accelerator Day and the design, we can now offer you a quote with detailed budget. Based on your wishes and budget we draw up a budget detailing each task and hour. That way you always know what to expect.

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Let's get started.
Now the development process starts


Now we're really getting started. With every project we work according to our Scrum methodin small multidisciplinary teams, we build your app in biweekly sprints.

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app development process project manager
app development process project manager 2

Sprint reviews

Every 2 weeks

We work in biweekly sprints. Via our Scrum tool that every team member has insight into. After each sprint, we present our progress during a retrospective.

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Product backlog refinement

Every 2 weeks

Together with your project manager and the development team, you go through the upcoming sprint planning. What are we going to build in the next two weeks and is everyone aware of the details.

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Steering group


Each month, we take a helicopter view of the project. How is the cooperation and development going. If necessary, we make adjustments.

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Process retrospective

Every quarter

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Developing an application requires focus and investment. Therefore, it is essential to periodically evaluate the process. Evaluate, reflect and adjust.

Future vision meeting

Every quarter

The goal often changes. Every organization is constantly on the move. Together we look at the long-term planning. Less of the 'how', but more of the 'why' and 'when'.

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app development process champagne
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Work hard, play hard
Release time!

The moment we've been waiting for! The app or website goes live. We provide carefree operation and support. And champagne, because we have something to celebrate.

An app is never finished.
From maintenance to marketing

The app is in the App Stores and the first positive reviews are pouring in. We make sure the app always works, Coffee Digital ensures that it is visible to the target group.

Extra service

Management & maintenance

No downtime. As a developer, we know how important it is that the app always works. With active monitoring, possible further development and support, we are ready for you. Even after operating system updates.

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Extra service


An app at the top of the charts,, isn't that what everyone wants? The app marketers of Coffee Digital effectively reach your target group with smart digital marketing. It ensures more downloads, active users and more sales.

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