The ROC update is live, with support for dyslexia

Utrecht, 23 January | 3 minutes 

Last week we implemented another nice update for ROC, the app that gives students all important information at their fingertips. The dyslexia feature, schedule improvements and role-based navigation are now available in the app! With this update we aim to improve this education app more accessible to everyone.

What's new in the ROC app?

We are pleased to announce the most recent update of the ROC app. This update introduces a special dyslexia mode, which adjusts the font in the app for better readability in dyslexia. This makes the text easier to read. We are also adding a new feature to the schedule: Appointments can now be scheduled over several days.

The biggest change – the app now supports different roles. Each screen is now assigned to a specific role, allowing a user to have multiple roles. This adjustment allows students and teachers to see only the relevant views, instead of all available views. This provides a more streamlined and personalized experience for every user.

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Our challenge during development

The challenge in developing this app feature was creating a dynamic User Interface (UI). Previously, the UI was static and the same for all users, regardless of their role as students or teachers. Now the UI is dynamically built based on user roles. This gives students and teachers a customized experience with features tailored to their specific role.

Check out the changes in the app!

Do you have the app and want to see the changes? The update is now live in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!