For the past 6 months, our intern Robin has been working on the Motorcycle tour; an app that lets you Discovered the most beautiful motorcycle routes in your area. Motorcycle tour is one MVP and is continuously improved based on user feedback. In the background, we are therefore working hard on a web app extension of Mototour. Robin's assignment was therefore soon clear: expand the functionality of the app and ensure that the user-friendliness is improved.


The Mototour app will soon be expanded with a handy web app that is connected to current iOS & Android apps. This makes it possible to download the commonly used GPX (GPS Exchange Format) files to easily upload to the apps. These files are automatically read by the navigation in the Mototour app. In addition, the current tours can also be adjusted to map them out completely according to your own wishes. 

Motorcycle tour away


When Robin was working on the Mototour app, he quickly came to the conclusion that a number of functions were missing in the current HERE integration. As an app developer you want to ensure that the app is of the highest possible quality and has been developed in a sustainable manner. The current integration did not allow:

  • The ability to add an interactive map to the web app. 
  • Add additional styles such as: markers, lines and circles to the map. 
  • Calculations and displaying routes between different locations. 
  • Calculations of the duration, distance and fuel consumption of the trip. 
  • Geocoding to find locations.


What do you do if there are no integrations of HERE maps within React that meet your requirements? Precisely; then as a developer you can build it yourself. Existing implementations of this technology did not provide the functionality required for the MotorTour web app, so it was necessary to develop a custom version. The new version has been completely rebuilt. Various features have been added, such as calculating and displaying routes based on two or more coordinates. In addition, the possibility to adjust these displayed routes by adding, moving and removing these coordinates has been added to the own version.

Motorcycle GPS app


At Coffee IT we strongly believe in sharing knowledge. As a member of the OpenVoIPAlliance, we like to share our knowledge about VoIP techniques. But also as organizer of Startup Weekend Utrecht; we know better than anyone how important it is to share knowledge; only then is there room for innovation.

That's why the choice to make HERE Maps' own integration in React publicly accessible was quickly made. Robin was therefore commissioned to set up this library so that it is easy to adopt. Attention has also been paid to improving ease of use and setting up documentation and a demo page on Github. Curious about the documentation? Click below



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