Just like previous years The month of June not only means the start of summer, but is also the month of the WWDC: Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, including highly anticipated Keynote. For years, the WWDC has been the event where Apple shows the latest software, hardware and innovations. Didn't have time to go through all the announcements? No problem. Below we have listed the most important points. Enjoy.


Of course we start right away with the biggest announcement. Apple traditionally kicked off WWDC22 with a Keynote. Both the latest software and hardware were discussed. One of the headlines in it was latest iOS. Number 16, which will be available later this year.


The biggest change is the new lockscreen. The notifications get a new place (at the bottom of your screen) and you can add widgets to your lockscreen. Thanks to Live Activities, the notifications update automatically with the latest information. Very useful if, for example, you want to be kept informed of a sports match or if you want to know when your Uber will be there.

WWDC22 Apple Keynote Recap: Live Activities

Apple Home App

If experienced IoT app developer every year we are very curious what Apple announces about Domotica / Internet of Things. This year we are getting a completely renewed home app, in which you can control all your smart devices in one screen. During the Keynote, it became the new standard Matter also discussed. Apple is together with, among others Google and Amazon working to build a standard for connecting all your smart devices. When this will be finished is not yet clear.


Nice development for the devs among us. Apple's new WeatherKit will soon allow you to add real-time weather updates to your apps. Not only for your iPhone, but also on your iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.


One of the most surprising topics during this Keynote are the developments within CarPlay. According to Apple, 79% of US car buyers only consider cars with CarPlay…. Whether this is entirely correct, we leave in the middle. But it does spark a fun discussion. What if people decide to buy their car based on which OS it comes with. Apple has jumped hard on this with its new CarPlay. In fact, it wants to take over all screens in your car via your phone, including your dashboard with speedometer, for example.

WWDC22 Keynote Recap: CarPlay



Apple has always prioritized the health of its users. Condition and Health are apps that have been trying to ensure that you are better in control of your own health for years. In WatchOS 9, Apple introduces another eHealth app: Medications. With this app you can easily keep track of your medication intake and you will receive notifications when it is time to take your medication, vitamins and supplements. It is also possible to add medication to your app via your camera. The medications app on your iPhone automatically recognizes your medication. As certified healthcare app developer we are very excited about this. We are curious how this will be improved in the future.


For the fanatics among us, the new workout app in WatchOS 9 is a major improvement. It automatically registers heart rate zones, your posture while running and if you even train for a triathlon, it automatically adjusts the workout.

VoIP calls via your Apple Watch

With WatchOS 9, Apple now also adds CallKit to its OS for the smartwatch. As an app developer with a rich history in developing VoIP apps, we are very excited about this! It is now possible to have VoIP calls (via an API) run via the native calling interface of your smartwatch.

WatchOS 9 is also expected later this year.

There is much more…

These are the biggest announcements, of course there is much more that will change in iOS 15. Check the overview below or look at Apple's overview page for a summary of all functionalities.


In addition to a new iOS and WatchOS, the OS for the power user must of course not be missed: macOS. The new macOS Ventura has received quite a few cool improvements.

Internship Manager

Do you always have multiple tabs and screens open, just like us? Apple has come up with something for this. With Stage Manager, all your open screens will appear on the left side of the screen and you can easily switch. Handy, right?

WWDC22 Keynote Recap: Stage Manager

pass keys

Our developers have dozens of passwords they need to remember. From Github to App Store Connect, from Xcode to Play Console. All with a unique password that is becoming increasingly complex. Apple's Passkeys will simplify that. The trend around privacy is still thriving. More and more companies provide insight into their data and what they use it for. Apple is therefore taking it a bit further and wants every user to be able to use his or her device 100% safely. Passkeys uses your Touch ID to create a new password with every new registration. It cannot be hacked (according to Apple).

If you are on a device without Touch ID, you can still log in via a QR code and your iPhone. Just as simple!

Camera Continuity

We had to laugh at this for a while. With macOS Ventura, Apple makes it possible to use your iPhone as a webcam. With an accessory, which will be available later this year, you can automatically switch to your iPhone camera. Would you use this?

WWDC22 Keynote recap: Continuity Camera


There are few innovations to report about iPadOS 16. All the functionalities we mentioned above are also included in the new iPadOS 16. One functionality was highlighted during the Keynote. It will soon be possible to connect an external screen directly to your iPad. Convenience serves man!


Precisely! Normally WWDC is focused on software. This year it was slightly different. Apple presented a new Macbook Air including M2 chip. Completely new housing, colors and specs. As you can expect, the new M2 chip is faster, more powerful and more economical than any other on the market. In any case, our developers were already very enthusiastic about the first independent test results.


WWDC isn't all about the Keynote. There have been days of training and workshops for developers, designers and app marketers. Check Apple's developers page for all announcements. Would you rather watch the Keynote? Check it out below??

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