What is home automation? Home Automation is the automation of processes and actions in your home or apartment. For example, you can choose to have the sun blinds rolled out when the sun is bright. And this without you having to do any action. 

These smart automations are controlled from an app on your phone or from a panel in the wall. Nice and easy. And this is also the purpose of home automation. Making our lives more comfortable, efficient and easy. 

We are good at making that bit more efficient! For example, in the past we have helped companies to automate the building. This makes the building more sustainable, more pleasant and more pleasant to work in. Read more here building automation

But what is an example of home automation? Now take the thermostat. If it's warm, turn it down, if it's cold, turn it up. But a smart thermostat is already a form of home automation. From an app you can, for example, set that if it is above 18 degrees outside, the thermostat will automatically lower its temperature. This way you don't waste unnecessary energy. 

Other forms of automation are IoT (internet of things), smart home or smart devices.

Home Automation Meaning

What does it mean word home automation precisely? Home automation can be divided into two. The first part is domo which means house or dwelling in Latin. The second part is tica which means robotics in latin. If you add this together, you get home robotics. In other words, a house where all technology is linked. 

If you want to summarize the definition of domotics in one sentence, you get the following. “Domotica is the integration of technology for a better quality of living or living.” Domotica actually makes your life just that little bit easier.

What is a home automation system

We have explained home automation itself. But what exactly is a home automation system? A home automation system is a system with a centralized location from which you can control multiple applications.

Suddenly sounds quite complicated. Fortunately, that's not too bad. For example, the centralized place is your phone. And the applications are the thermostat, the lamps, the awning and so on. 

A home automation system can also be controlled from different protocols. A protocol is, for example, WiFi or Bluetooth. It is not possible to have a system with two protocols. Bluetooth and WiFi do not complement each other. Therefore, one protocol must always be chosen.

Home automation examples

With domotics you can choose to automate your entire house/building so that you no longer have to do anything yourself. But you can also automate individual parts. Below is an overview of various parts that can be automated.

  • Smart lighting
  • Smart locks
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart speaker
  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Fire protection
  • Smart garage doors
  • Smart dishwasher
  • Smart locks
  • smart plugs
  • Automatic sun protection
  • Automatic shutters or curtains

Benefits of home automation

Domotics is fairly new but already offers great advantages. We have listed several important benefits below. 


All small and simple tasks are automated. This way you no longer have to worry about whether you have locked your house or whether the house is being vacuumed. You can sit back and let home automation do the rest. 


In addition to not having to worry about whether your house is locked, you can also use a smart camera system. This system notifies you when someone is at your door, for example the parcel deliverer. Or you will receive a notification that an unwanted person is walking into your house. You can then immediately alert the police. 


Climate? Certainly! We have already talked about the smart thermostat so that you do not heat your home unnecessarily. But it goes further. When the sun shines, the shutters go down, so it stays nice and cool and you don't have to turn on the air conditioning extra. 

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