A native apps is an app where you can use all the functionalities of the smartphone, for example bluetooth and camera. This allows complex apps to be created such as in-lite. These complex functions are possible because native apps are written in the platform's programming language. For iOS this is in the programming language Swift and for Android (Google) this is in the programming language Kotlin. 

You may have noticed that an app is only accessible for iOS and not for Android. This is the case, for example, with the app law enforcement officers. This is because the app is developed with Swift which only works on the iPhone (or iOS devices). This does not mean that you have to choose. A Native app can be developed for both platforms. Do you want to spar about your project? For more information you can to contact us.

Native app definition

De definition of a native app is a platform dependent application for the smartphone. So you develop an app that is specifically developed for one operating system.

What is the difference between native, react and web?

Apps can be developed in different ways. The three best known are Native apps, Hybrid apps and web apps. But what exactly is the difference between these three types of applications? 

native apps; these are apps that are developed for one specific platform. If you want the app to work on both platforms, you are talking about two separate developments (Swift and Kotlin).
Hybrid Native apps; these are apps that work immediately on both platforms. We use the sustainable framework React-Native for this. This language is supported by both iOS and Android. So you only develop the app once. This is of course more cost efficient, but there are technical limitations compared to native apps.
web apps: these are applications that you do not need to download. These can be reached directly via the web. Many social media platforms often use a web app in addition to the app. You can go to Facebook (this is a web app) without having to download anything. 

Below we have made an overview of the differences between native apps, Hybrid apps and Web apps. If you want more information about the differences, go to the following page: differences between hybrid, native, and web apps.

Benefits of a native app

Native apps offer many advantages over web apps or hybrid apps. The most important one is that the code of the app fits seamlessly with the operating system. This makes the app feel nice and offers the best user experience. The app also uses the content on your phone, making additional functions possible. This way you can immediately scroll through your gallery and upload photos. 

You can also use the functions on your smartphone with a native app. Think of the GPS, notifications, bluetooth, camera and other sensors. This makes it possible to develop very advanced apps. A good example of this is in-lite. With this application you can illuminate your garden through the bluetooth functionality

Another additional advantage is that the app can be downloaded from the App Stores. This gives you an extra marketing channel to offer your app. With smart app marketing you put your app in the spotlight and ensure extra downloads.

Disadvantages of a native app

In addition to the fact that native apps can offer an enormous amount of functions and offer a good user experience, there are also disadvantages. Because the app has to be developed for both Android and iOS, more development hours are involved. The app is therefore more complex than a Hybrid app. Maintenance of the app is also more labour-intensive during software updates. You pay a little extra for maximum performance.

What does a native app cost?

The investment of a native app depends on many different factors. As a result, we cannot give a ready-made answer to the question “what does a native app cost”. If you a have an app developed you have to take into account a starting rate of € 25.000, which can amount to an amount of € 100.000. Before we start developing an app like this one, we plan a Accelerator Day. Here we map out a clear roadmap so that we know what the investment is and more importantly what it will yield.

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