Utrecht, September 16, 2020 | 5 minutes 

YES! Fresh blood! Or should we actually say fresh coffee? (faint)* There are new Coffee IT colleagues, and we would like to introduce them to you. We present: a new iOS code pro, React Native adventurer, React trainee, Android trainee and marketing trainee.

*Get it..Coffee IT..


Welcoming new colleagues is always a happy moment for us. This only means one thing: time for a staff outing?. For example, last Friday we rented a pancake restaurant with the whole team - and at a completely appropriate 1.5 meters away. In addition, we have shown that in addition to programming, we all have an undiscovered talent for miniature golf. Nice!

A staff outing is a good time to get to know each other, but it is also important that our customers get to know the new colleagues. There is a chance that one of our new colleagues will start working on your app. Then it might be nice to get a small picture.

We introduce them to you:


Hilbrand started with us last year as an iOS intern. We were fans of Hilbrand from day one. Not only did he take a close look at the iOS development process during his graduation research, he was also the best of his academic year. And that can be said. Fortunately, Hilbrand is also a fan of ours. We offered him a contract and from now on he will be working on apps like In-lite, Clearvox en BAGTAG.


Lex also started as an intern. Lex mainly studied React Native during his internship. That went so well that we also asked Lex if he would please stay. Lex has been working on apps such as Splitter and Knaek.

Did you know that you: Lex made a small blunder in his first week, or should we say: we made a blunder. While testing an app, he accidentally sent about 2000 users a push notification. oops! Fortunately, both the customer and we could laugh about it. Lex also passed his thesis with flying colours. What a winner.


Toby is the new addition to the marketing team. YEAH! What exactly Toby will do is of course classified, but he will, among other things, be involved in optimizing our website and creating spot-on social expressions and campaigns. Unfortunately this message has not yet been written by Toby, but there is a good chance that the next one will be from him…


Teun's research is (unfortunately) also classified. In any case, it has to do with Smart Home, bluetooth integrations, automated processes and the development of a library and PoC. Are you just as curious as we are? Developing Smart Home apps (home automation) is one of our specializations at Coffee IT so this research is extremely relevant to us.


Robin will be working on our own native app: Moto Tour. Moto Tour is one MVP app and is regularly further developed by us based on the user feedback we collect. Of course we don't want to give away too many secrets about the new functionalities in the app later, but it promises to be a great tour season for motorcycle enthusiasts with many new routes!

Did you know that you: Robin has competed in professional table tennis competitions. He's a bit rusty (sorry Robin), but his smash is a cannonball that shouldn't be underestimated.