Will you come and help our marketing team with new ideas, and will you use the freedom to try out your ideas? As an online marketing intern, you ensure that Coffee IT is always number 1 in Google. You optimize and AB test our content. You will learn everything about SEO, SEA and setting up social media campaigns, so that you master all the techniques that an online marketer needs.

Are you looking for a challenging online marketing internship? Do you want to work at a company specialized in apps? Then apply immediately!

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Experiment and learn

You get the space to try out your ideas within online marketing.

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Come and do an internship at the fastest growing tech company in Utrecht.

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Can you make some coffee?

Coffee IT is a flat organisation. We work as one team. And you are part of that.

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In addition to a passion for online marketing, apps and tech. Are the following skills an advantage:

  • Global SEO knowledge
  • Global knowledge SEA
  • Communicative
  • You can work independently and in a team
  • You can watch Netflix without subtitles
  • Affinity with technology


  • Likes to work in the office
  • Business plans
  • Webflow
  • Wordpress
  • ASO
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what does your day look like online marketing internship

A random working day as an online marketer

Good morning! Before you start your day, of course, you first get a cup of coffee. You fold your laptop and take a moment to read that one article Frankwatching to read. Then you get started with different landing pages. From keyword research to creating visuals. Meanwhile, Marthijn has provided feedback on the landing pages you created yesterday. There are still some small spelling errors in the page and spacing needs to be adjusted. With Marthijn's feedback, you can quickly correct the errors. Meanwhile it is already twelve o'clock. Time for lunch together!

After lunch you grab a cup of coffee before you get started. You decide to write a blog about the best apps of the past month. After you have finished the blog, it is time for relaxation. You challenge Tom to a game of table tennis. When you return to the office, check the social media channels. It's been a while since anything has been posted. Time for an update! With your creative skills you come up with a relevant topic for a new post. Add a catchy photo and text and Kees is done. The day is already over. If you still fancy a drink, there is usually enthusiasm for this. If not, see you tomorrow!

Meet the team

These are your colleagues at Coffee IT. A team of specialists. But we all have something in common: a passion for innovation, tech and a game of werewolves at the Friday afternoon drinks. As a full-service app developer, we serve our customers in a unique way: we offer a complete package. From concept, to development, to marketing. As an online marketing intern, it is your responsibility together with the marketing team to take on the marketing.

The company culture is informal and you are challenged to try your own ideas. Together we go for the best result for the customer. We make a positive impact on millions of users.


What do we offer?

The freedom to work on an internship assignment that interests you. Are you curious about the impact of a new landing page? Or would you rather do research into an improved social media strategy? You determine your own focus and we will support you in this.

  • You are a full team member
  • Market-based internship allowance 
  • Inspiring work environment
  • Team outings & own events
  • good coffee
  • Brand new office (incl. cinema)
  • Space for personal development
  • More informal corporate culture

From steady state emotion to target state emotion

1. Apply

Nice that you are interested in an internship at Coffee IT! We are curious about your work. Send us as much of your work as possible: (online) portfolio, CV or an inspiring motivation. We like to be surprised!

2. First contact

We will contact you for an introduction.

3. First call

Enjoy a cup of coffee at Coffee IT! We get to know each other a little better and discuss your submitted work. Also important: what else would you like to know from us?

4. Small assignment

What is your tone of voice? Nothing is right or wrong, but by means of feedback we can immediately give you an impression of our writing style.

5. The answer

Wait a week. Then you will be told whether you have secured the internship!

6. Done Deal

Congratulations! You are now part of a fast-growing scale-up and a close-knit team.


Did you get excited? Then apply immediately! Fill in this form with a short motivation, your CV and a small portfolio and/or GitHub account. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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