Looking for a media design internship at a tech company?

Eager for a media design internship at Coffee IT? We know everything about the field of mobile app design and can help you with the techniques and tools of a fully-fledged app designer. At Coffee IT you get a tangible assignment that is certainly not behind the scenes. Think about the design, the functionalities and the wireframes of an app that is live before the end of your media design stage is live. If the internship is successful for both parties, you can immediately start working as an app designer with us after your internship.

The profile of a media design intern

  • Basic knowledge of Sketch
  • Knowledge of Photoshop/Illustrator/Invision
  • Go-getter and creative
media design internship
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“My internship at Coffee IT was a very educational and fun experience. I felt part of the team from day one. You receive quite the amount of responsibility at Coffee IT when working at the different projects. This can be new at first. But I received guidance when I needed it or asked for it. This made me the media designer I am now, with a complete new set of skills and enhanced professional development.”

Tom Gielen - Media design intern

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About Coffee IT

At Coffee IT, the end user is the key figure in everything we build or do. We are different from other app developers because we mainly look at what is possible instead of what is not possible. Our design portfolio is very extensive, from the UI of a healthcare app to the 3d visualization of a large hotel in Amsterdam. Our office is located in the center of Utrecht. We chose Utrecht as our base because we wanted to mix with the innovativeness and creativity of this city. Our team consists of young go-getters with varying disciplines who shared a passion for technology. Our company events are legendary and our vrijmibo (you should know this Dutch word) unprecedented.

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But, what about the assignment?

Our previous intern, Tom Gielen, worked on numerous design projects during his internship here at Coffee IT. Are you looking for a media design internship where you have the freedom to work on either your own project, or one of ours like the blockchain ‘Lemon’ app? Here you will be the designer of your own career. Interested in a media design developer internship? Contact us via phone, mail, Skype, Slack or face to face and let’s see if there’s a match!



Are you enthusiastic about this vacancy and do you want to apply? Please contact us via the form below. Send us your motivation, resume and a small portfolio or Github account and we contact you as soon as possible.

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