The coronavirus has now been labeled a pandemic and new measures are part of that. The quarantine rules are not (yet) mandatory for us as application developers, but in order to reduce further outbreaks, we at Coffee IT use a 'prevention rather than cure' approach. This new working method affects everyone in the Coffee IT team, but also on our current clients and future clients. In this message we inform everyone of our temporary policy. The corona virus: how do we deal with it at Coffee IT?

Prevention is better than cure

In our new policy we comply with the guidelines of the RIVM. This means that we avoid social contacts where possible and therefore try to limit the spread of the corona virus. As of today (16-03-2020), the Coffee IT team is largely working from home. In addition, we work in shifts at the office with sufficient distance and we have given a hand washing course. This way everyone stays fit and productive.

Productive, you say?

Of course. If you were already enthusiastic about the apps we make at the office, then you haven't seen what our developers know how to program at home. At Coffee IT we have been taking measures for quite some time. The 'lockdown' was no big surprise. For that reason, all of our employees have the resources and tools necessary to program our apps at home. Think of: laptops, hangout sessions, supplementary monitors, test devices, transformers or ergonomic computer mice. You can't think of it that crazy.

What does this policy mean for our current clients?

In principle, little changes. As mentioned earlier, our developers can continue with the projects they are working on, although they do most of that at home. Our in-house services are now temporarily becoming a bit more literal. In addition, our project leaders have now contacted all clients to mutually coordinate everything. If all goes well, all our current clients are aware of the new working method and the associated planning. Do you still have ambiguities? Then take a minute contact us.

What does this tightened homeworking policy mean for our new clients?

In principle, even less will change for our new clients. We are at all times telephone in person mail available for new projects. In addition, you can receive a price indication for the realization of your app concept through us digital quotation form. Are you considering having an app made, but would you rather not present your idea by phone or email? This is also no problem. Fabian is equipped with the conference call starter kit; including Google Hangouts, ultra-fast network, and AirPods.

Next step?

We carry on with app development from our home base and partly at the office. We will also keep everyone informed of any changes to the policy or consequences it may have. Therefore, regularly follow this page for more information and keep in touch with your project leader.

In addition, our marketing team is currently working on an adapted marketing program. This new program will provide some relief for those who show mild symptoms of social isolation (for example, a feeling of boredom). Think of social media content in the form of videos and posts and more. Follow our Instagram, Facebook of Analysis for more updates.

On behalf of the entire Coffee IT, we would like to thank you for your understanding and wish everyone a healthy home working period!