The moment is here. With somewhat healthy tension and clammy hands you press the 'release' button. The app you've been working on for so long (don't forget the developers) is about to be launched in the stores. You sit on the edge of your seat and wait; what will the public do? What do all users think of the app you just launched?

Success story

Your app turns out to be a great success. Your app will be up immediately after the launch in the stores #no. 2 'Trending Apps'. The app is already above apps such as TikTok, Tax Declaration 2019 (we personally find this quite logical), DigiD (also quite obvious) and Tikkie (okay, cool). A few more downloads and it will be above number one: the Jumbo Extras app! This happens with the Range app. A good strategy pays off. Range was launched in the stores yesterday and is an immediate success. However, this success is not a complete surprise: both before and during the development of the app, great care has been taken to promote the app. By deploying a few smart technologies and channels, the success of the app was already guaranteed. How did they handle this at Range? And what can you learn from it? We explain.

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App release successful Range app

How do you successfully launch an app?

Successfully launching an app is a fun challenge. Many an article or blog we have therefore dedicated to tips and tricks to make an app launch as successful as possible for our clients and other app owners. When you have had an app made, you only want one thing: that your app is a success in the stores from day one.

Many app owners (or future app owners) have scratched their heads with the question: 'how do I make my app as successful as possible?'.

Range App

One of the app owners who asked this question is Dylan Kramer with his app 'Range'. The name of the app gives it away a bit: Range is the interactive app that helps users stay 'out of range' during checks (slutty). Range app users do this themselves by creating a real-time overview of speed cameras and controls.

Achieving downloads through smart app marketing

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Why has Range become a successful app launch?

By making smart use of app marketing and setting up different campaigns during every phase of the product lifecycle, Range has gathered a loyal following and interest. Even before the app was even live. At the time of app launch, this group was not only hooked to use the app, they are also loyal. What kind of resources can you use for a successful app launch and building a social media reach?

  • WhatsApp groups
  • Facebook groups
  • Instagram followers
  • Campaign video (see video below)

Because Range has invested heavily in building lasting relationships with potential users, the success of the app is so great. Just some numbers:

WhatsApp: Range already had a reach of 4000 people via WhatsApp groups before its release.
Instagram: Range itself currently has about 21,6 thousand followers under the account. In addition, they collaborate with major influencers such as Jamal Ben Saddik who have a 'little' 476 thousand followers.

Create a loyal following

What Range has done well is creating a loyal and active group of potential users already during the development of the app. By creating a community on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook and sharing content here, you make people enthusiastic about your app. Let us know the status of the release, provide a countdown to the release date and create a nice promo video on Instagram.

Followers create followers 

When you have followers, these followers create new followers. By making smart use of Facebook groups and influencers, the app is brought to the attention of a large group of people. It is also useful to generate many reviews and reactions as an app owner. Both for collecting important user feedback and for generating more reach. When many people say something about an app, it is considered reliable. When you have many reviews and reactions, this ensures good findability in the stores. The algorithms of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store are designed in such a way that apps that many people say something about are placed higher and are displayed more often. This ensures that the app is properly indexed in the stores and appears in the charts; the train to success has been set.

Develop your own app or achieve more success with an existing app?

Do you want to have an app made yourself or do you want to increase the success of your app with app marketing? Take contact and we will gladly help you further.

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