The garlands are hanging out and it's time for champagne! We always celebrate when one of the projects developed by Coffee IT goes live. This means that you, as an entrepreneur, have continued the project and have become familiar with the world of app development. For us, this means that we have been able to meet your wishes with a live app.

MrApption app

"There is a big difference between devising an app and actually realizing an app. Coffee IT has filled this difference perfectly. A great result of our wishes with the latest techniques of the app world. Very satisfied and received a beautiful product! TOP!" - Raymond Schild from MrApption

With a good ending comes a good beginning

Our process contributes to your success. During the development of MrApption we have been closely involved with the client RE-RAY and we have helped them in making technical decisions such as the technology or the payment system. We also guided RE-RAY through user testing and helped RE-RAY by giving advice on how to optimize their design for smartphones.

The concept

MrApption SE (Shop Edition) is the app for entrepreneurs who want to participate in the interactive advertising platform 'MrApption'. Via this app you can register your company and create fun promotions (apptions). Consumers can respond to these apps via the MrApption consumer app in your neighborhood in order to qualify for a discount or win a nice prize at your store or company.

An apption has a maximum number of participants that you determine yourself. This way you can keep your campaign small, clear and within limits. This app has no subscription model! You simply pay per apption via iDEAL. So you are not tied to anything. You also determine the amount of apptions and the time between apptions all by yourself.

What is an application?

An apption is a short action (action) with characteristics of an auction (auction). The word 'app' indicates that all this is completed via the mobile phone. “First come, first served” is the only auction principle it uses. So there is no bidding with money and there is no such thing as 'highest bidder' for the consumer.

An apption consists of giving a participation discount for all participants and a price for the person who closes the apption. You determine the discount and price yourself. The more attractive you make the apption, the more effective your action will be. You can create an apption in a few clicks with your mobile phone.

Participants who participated in your apption will receive a voucher via the app. They must show this voucher at your store or company in order to redeem their discount and/or price. These vouchers are valid for two weeks after a user's participation. The voucher will include your apption and company information, the user's display name, their participation number and discount and/or the price. A voucher also has a unique identity code that corresponds to your apption, and a moving element to prevent counterfeiting.

Via your MrApption SE app you can also track the status of your apption and see which participants are participating or have participated in your apption.

MrApption SE app

The result

The result of this project is that we have put a fantastic app and a top website live for MrApption. Plus, a consumer app is also coming soon so everyone can hunt for MrApption discounts. We're not the only ones who love a live party. Re-Ray is organizing one in Leiden on October 6 to announce the MrApption consumer app in a big way.