Our iOS apps we mainly develop in Objective C's successor: Swift. Swift is Apple's own programming language and is actually a combination of an object-oriented, functional and protocol-oriented programming language. We use Swift to build apps for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. The programming language is stable and robust and building the app is considerably more effective than with Objective C. Our iOS developers also explore with SwiftUi for creating dynamic and beautiful apps.

Love-measuring was developed with the Swift programming language. Lovemeetender is an app for luxury boat owners. Breakfast in Miami or a tapas lunch in the Bahamas? With the Lovemeetender app, boat owners can find all hotspots and associated facilities to their liking. The app is a good example of a high-quality native ISO app with a sleek UI design and ultimate user-friendliness.

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Swift is powerful: you can build simple apps with it, but you can also write entire operating systems in it.

Modern programming language

Swift is a modern language that combines and merges some of the good features of other languages.

Smart strategy

It is future-proof, if you want to be able to maintain or update an app, Swift is a strategic choice.


Programming with Swift is very safe; as a programmer you are in many cases protected against crashes and bugs.