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Google Startup Weekend

Coffee IT is proud to announce that we are part of the organization of Google Startup Weekend of Utrecht. As a young entrepreneur, Coffee IT is always looking for new ideas and enthusiastic people. In the coming period we will work hard to set up an inspiring weekend for new entrepreneurs who start as we did three years ago.

What is a Google Startup Weekend?

A Google Startup Weekend is a 54-hour weekend in which everyone has the opportunity to turn an idea into reality. The event starts on Friday when everyone has the opportunity to submit ideas. Then teams are formed with the best ideas, these ideas are implemented by the team during the rest of the weekend. The team will be supported by mentors. On Sunday, each newly formed company will present before a jury.

Who is the Google Startup Weekend all for?

It is often thought that a Google Startup Weekend is only for developers and designers. However, these events are for everyone who is passionate about entrepreneurship. Making your own ideas great, that is the driving force.

What is the goal?

Google Startup Weekend is just about the fastest way to build your network. In addition, the final pitches are before a jury of potential investors. The goal is to win and by winning I don't necessarily mean that you win prizes, but that you achieve your personal goals. Finding a co-founder, getting feedback on your concept, and getting new ideas are all potential goals.


Teams formed


Active alumni

150 Nations

(more than Starbucks!)



Meet, Pitch & Form Team

  • Dining and networking
  • 60 second pitches
  • Choose your project
  • Build a team

Learning & Working

  • Learn from successful mentors
  • Finding customers
  • Build product
  • Set up business model

Present & Choose

  • Dots on the i
  • Prepare presentation
  • Final presentations for jury
  • Celebrate over drinks

The team

Coffee IT is very proud to be part of the organization of Google Startup Weekend Utrecht 2017. Together with Maurits Logtenberg and Yulia Korobova (both organizers of Tedx Youth 2017) as a core team we hope to organize a top Startup Weekend and to promote the entrepreneurship community.

Team Google Startup Weekend


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