At Coffee IT we are proud, and you should know that. Why? Because our latest developed app – New Faith Network - on number 1 is in the Google Play under 'trending apps'.

So time for a party!

We always celebrate a small party when one of the projects developed by us goes live. It is of course also a happy moment, it means that you (the entrepreneur) and we (the developers) have realized a successful collaboration with a fantastic app as a result.

New Faith Network collaboration app developer Coffee IT

At Coffee IT we use almost every plausible reason for a party (think of birthdays, new colleagues, farewell to old colleagues, app releases, new homes or offices, you can't think of it) but today it's real party! Our latest app production has been named number 1 trending in the app stores. So very promising!

What makes the New Faith Network app trending?

To explain why New Faith Network is so trending, perhaps we should first briefly explain the concept. What exactly is New Faith Network? It is an interactive online streaming portal where Christian films and series can be viewed consisting of multiple genres. New Faith Network bridges the gap between faith and our daily lives. And that is exactly what makes it so unique/trending. It addresses a niche market in which until recently there was no solid alternative. It is therefore comparable to a platform such as Netflix, but slightly different.

The benefits of the app? No commercials, broad quality, a high-quality and up-to-date range of inspiring films and series all over the world and a close-knit community.

New Faith Network app

the app

With the app, the whole family can watch the best Christian films and series unlimited and everywhere. Wherever and whenever they want.

Most Christian films and series in the Netherlands can be found on New Faith Network:
– National and international film premieres that have never been shown in the Netherlands before
– A safe environment for the whole family with many children's films
– The largest collection of Christian films and series
– New additions every week
– Stream unlimited and directly to your television or watch New Faith Network on all your other devices
– Watch New Faith Network Originals with their own series about faith, love and life experience
– Reflections of well-known Christian speakers and pastors

As a viewer of New Faith Network you can also receive the daily Video Diary for free. That is an inspiring video reflection every morning from a well-known speaker, such as Paul Visser, Orlando Bottenbley, Olaf ten Napel and Ruben Flach.

Download the app?

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