We would like to welcome our newest technical partner: BAGTAG! Welcome aboard. 

BAGTAG makes it possible to check in your bag, wherever and whenever. No more standing in line to check in your suitcase. This makes BAGTAG the ideal buddy for the frequent air traveller. It brings a new level of convenience and comfort to air travel. This project fits well with our vision as an app developer to develop intuitive technology for the benefit of the user's efficiency. Baggage information is sent encrypted via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). This allows only the user's BAGTAG to decipher the information and display it on the E-ink screen. This makes the BAGTAG app extra safe.

BAGTAG is an electronic tag that you attach to your suitcase. The BAGTAG app makes it possible to check in your bag online. This saves time for both the user and the other people in line who are not yet using BAGTAG.

Unfortunately, we are not yet allowed to say with which airliner BAGTAG has started a collaboration, but take it from us that the app will soon take off!