Utrecht, November 3 | 4 minutes 

With the release of the iPhone 12 Pro, LiDAR technology is suddenly becoming a lot more accessible to many people. But what exactly is LiDAR and can this technology be useful for your organization? We'll go into that in more detail below. ??


Apple fans will love this addition to the iPhone 12 Pro have already seen: the LiDAR technology. The new sensor was already in the iPad Pro, but has now also been added to Apple's latest phone. LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging. It's a bit like a radar (hence the similarity in name). It shoots invisible beams of light into space to get a clear impression of the objects in the area. Sounds very cool, but what exactly can you do with it?

With the help of the new LiDAR technology, the new iPhone can better separate the subject and the background, making the photos in portrait orientation even more realistic. It is also very useful for applications with AR (Argued Reality). For example, do you ever use Apple's Measure app? This has become a lot more accurate with the iPhone 12 Pro.

It is expected that car manufacturers will also increasingly use this technology in their self-driving cars. This makes it increasingly safer to let the car drive autonomously in traffic. This technology is also a valuable addition in the construction industry, which means that measuring buildings and materials, for example, is a lot faster.

Of course we couldn't resist trying out this new technology in the iPhone 12 Pro ourselves. In the video below we very easily scan a chair in our office. Very cool!