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Serve your target group optimally with a intuitive iOS app? If experienced iOS developer we have a passion for well-functioning technology, sleek app design and profitable app solutions. We have a clear mission: to translate complex problems into intuitive solutions. In other words, apps that work well and do exactly what they are supposed to do.

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Harness the power of a native iOS app

We also call an iOS app a native app. This means that the application uses all the power and functionality that the iOS device has to offer.

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Swift: powerful programming language for iOS

All our native applications are built in the powerful Swift programming language. This ensures that the app can use the full capacity of the device.

Successful design

In addition to technical performance, design is essential for a successful iOS app. An optimal user experience ensures that the app integrates more quickly into the daily life of the user.

Would you like to discuss your app idea with an expert?

Would you like to discuss your app idea with an expert?

Our app experts Fabian and Marthijn are ready for you. In a Contact us of 30 minutes we take the time to discuss your app idea. Because you have the idea and we have the technical know-how. Together we look at the possibilities and take you through the entire development process.

App revenue model

As a technical partner, we like to think along about a smart revenue model, fast return on investment and a successful go-live.

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Apple users

We always focus on the end user during the development process, so that the app offers added value.

Our development process

iOS surgeons

Our iOS development team operates like a well oiled machine. We develop in sprints of two weeks and deliver results within the intended schedule.

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What customers say about us:

"I am very satisfied with the app that Coffee IT is developing for us. The cooperation is going well and deadlines are neatly met. I'm really looking forward to the end result!".

Nienke - Prijsvrij Vakanties

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iOS app developer Coffee IT

We develop our iOS apps with Swift en SwiftUI. Our team creates future-proof apps with the best user experience. Apple has strict guidelines for apps offered in the Apple App Store: ours are even stricter.

BAGTAG(Native iOS app)

Convenience, innovation and design are spearheads when developing an app that is future-proof. This is also the case with 'BAGTAG', the electronic luggage label. This native iOS app makes it possible to check in your bag online, wherever you are. The app uses new technology such as BLE and is linked to an encrypted luggage tag.

Did you know: BAGTAG saves a lot of paper every year? Here you can read why

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In-lite(Native iOS app)

A native iOS app that gives users total control of their in-lite garden lighting anywhere. The in-lite app is intuitively designed and is a new level of ease of use for garden lighting.

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Benefits of aapp specific to Apple

  • Apple users are brand loyal and spend more
  • Complies with the strict guidelines of the Apple App Store
  • Compatibility with all Apple devices (iPad, iPhone etc)
  • There is always a senior iOS developer working on your app
  • Integrate complex techniques such as voice assistant and Voice

As an iOS app developer, we at Coffee IT have extensive experience in developing iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch applications for our wide range of clients. We develop iOS apps for various purposes and industries; of complex crypto app to impactful healthcare apps.

Want to know more about iOS application development?

Our iOS developers develop apps for the most common Apple devices from iOS 13 and higher. This includes all models newer than the iPhone 8.

Have you become so enthusiastic after reading this page and would you like to join our team of iOS developers? We currently have one iOS developer vacancy be open. Apply via the page and maybe you will soon be building cool and complex apps for Apple with us!

The cost of having an iOS app made depends entirely on the complexity of the app and the desired functionalities. It is therefore difficult to give a 'standard' price quote for iOS apps. All our apps are tailor-made, based on the desired functions and techniques we provide a tailor-made offer. In this quotation, all parts and functions are provided with a price, so you know exactly what the development of the iOS app costs. Would you like to receive a quote for your concept? Then take contact on!

Do you already have your (own) iOS app and is it about to be launched in the Apple App store? Then view this page where we explain step by step how to create a developer account for publishing an app in the Apple Store.

“Apple is modern, cutting edge and easy to use. These are aspects that I also see in the iOS apps that we develop for our customers. Every new project is like a kind of puzzle: you try to come up with the most intuitive and smart solution to the problem”.

Deva Vrijma , iOS developer at Coffee IT

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