Utrecht, 9 July 2020 | 4 minutes 

Coffee IT participates in the Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100 with our business VoIP applications. The KVK Innovation Top 100 is a platform on which creative entrepreneurs from SMEs put an innovative product or service in the spotlight. All innovative entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized enterprises can register a concept that has been successfully launched on the market. With us this is the VoIP Open Source framework developed by us.

Open Source Framework VoIP

The Open Source VoIP framework developed by us has been registered as Chamber of Commerce Innovation top 100. With this framework we ensure that companies and initiatives worldwide can continue to build on our VoIP technology. This allows these initiatives to focus more on creating the best user experience. By making our code available, VoIP specialists can learn from the code and develop it further.

Earlier we reported that Coffee IT is a member of the Open VoIP Alliance; a community that is committed to sharing knowledge about VoIP technology. Together we are committed to innovations in VoIP techniques and we create an environment in which knowledge is shared and specialists can spar with each other. The ultimate goal is to stimulate cooperation on VoIP and to facilitate technical progress. VoIP enables a better accessibility model in which companies can be reached anytime, anywhere via a VoIP provider. It replaces the traditional accessibility model. Communication options via the internet give organizations a big head start in the digital-first environment and allow companies to be accessible anytime, anywhere.

Here you will find the Facebook post of KVK Top 100 about our registration.

Here you will find our registration on the website of the Chamber of Commerce Top 100.


Curious about a VoIP app that we have developed at Coffee IT? Then view the portfolio page of the ClearVox Nexxt app. This business telephony app was also our first VoIP app. The app is currently still managed by us and is being further developed structurally.