Domotics means home automation and is derived from Latin where “domo” stands for home and “tica” for automation/robotics. But home automation doesn't have to be limited to homes. Meanwhile, healthcare institutions, hospitals and buildings automated. Certainly in the care offers domotics good support function. But how exactly does that work? And how does this work with the healthcare staff? 

What is home automation in healthcare

Home automation in healthcare uses smart technical means to make the life of the client easier. Think of sensors, cameras or a sound system. This can vary from a simple alarm button to an intelligent system that registers the living routines of the client. This allows healthcare institutions to provide better care for people with disabilities.

Advantages of domotics in healthcare

Imagine that you are perfectly capable of living on your own at an older age, but that this is made impossible due to a few medical complaints. You definitely don't want to live in a nursing home or someone in your home who is constantly watching you. Domotica offers an excellent solution for this.

With smart sensors, the lifestyle and health of the client can be monitored. This makes it possible to continue living at home. This is not only very pleasant for the elderly or sick, but it also saves care homes an enormous amount of time and money.

The use of domotics improves the quality of care. This is because hospitals and nursing homes are partly unburdened by automation.

Examples of remote care with domotics

With home automation, care can be provided remotely. There are several solutions for this. The client may be fully assisted with daily tasks. But there are also simple solutions where the client and caregiver can speak directly to each other without the need to travel. Below are a number of examples of remote care.

Video communication or screen care: the client and care provider have contact via image. This means that the client does not have to travel to the hospital or nursing home. This saves a lot of time and money. Less mobile clients can also come into contact with the care provider without enlisting the help of friends or family. A major additional advantage for the healthcare provider is that e-consultation can be invoiced. Read more here declare e-consultation.

Lifestyle monitoring with smart sensor technology: being seriously ill or becoming demented is, of course, terrible. With the help of technology, it is now also possible to support this group and allow them to live independently at home for longer.
It works like this: when someone becomes demented, it becomes increasingly difficult for him or her to perform daily tasks. These are tasks such as locking the doors, turning off the lights or checking the agenda. Smart technology can take these tasks off your hands and help with this so that the client can continue to live at home for longer.
It works almost the same for the seriously ill. Daily routines are monitored. If something appears to be wrong, the caretakers will be notified so that help can be quickly on site. In this way, the client does not have to be constantly monitored and he or she can continue to live at home.

Smart medicine dispenser: it sometimes happens that the elderly forget to take their medicines. It's also not something you want to think about all the time. There are also solutions for this, such as the smart medicine dispenser. This dispenser indicates when and how much medication should be taken.

Our home automation care app

We are specialized in healthcare and home automation. We used smart technology before Senior Homes app developed. This app contains several functions, including the smart doorbell that uses VoIP. Emergency assistance can also be called at the push of a button. The app is aimed at ensuring that elderly people can live at home in a safe and pleasant way. Want to know more about home automation in the care apps? Please feel free to contact us.


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