Home automation for companies: the possibilities are endless. Nowadays there are buildings that can function fully automated. From automatically opening the garage door to closing the entire building: home automation ensures efficiency and safety. It makes you more productive and automates processes that normally take a lot of time. 

How do we look as a full service app developer to home automation? You can read it in this blog.



As a building manager, you want real-time insight into your energy consumption, air quality or humidity. Preferably all this from a handy app. This allows you to create the optimal working environment for all employees. 

As an app developer, we have created several apps that fully automate buildings. Take the Darwin app. A handy app with all the insights of the entire building. Are you looking for a free space in the building? Then you quickly look at the Darwin app and plan a reservation.

Darwin building management app

Instant insight
A domotics app receives a lot of information about every room thanks to IoT technology. The information is displayed to each user. This way you can see in advance how cold or warm your meeting room is, how many people fit in the room or what equipment is available.

Full control of the room in one handy app. Control lamps, the heating or the shutters. As a user, you can also report in the app whether something is broken in the room. As a building manager, you will of course receive a notification to have this repaired as soon as possible. 

Directly connected
An IoT app like Darwin should be easy to use for everyone in a building. To make this possible we have used the advanced Beacon technology. As a result, we always know in which room the user is located. This technology also gives the user direct control over the operation as soon as that person is in the room.

Together with the customer we look for the best UX & UI design for the app. In a process of 4 times 2 weeks we make a design that perfectly matches the project. A sprint of two weeks consists of an analysis, UX & UI design and user tests. Look at here our entire app design and development process. 


We bring home automation and IoT together by using smart Beacon technology. Beacons are small and wireless transmitters with a Bluetooth connection. Because you can connect to a device with the app, you can immediately control all local devices through the Beacon technology. A major advantage of the Beacon technology is that they use relatively little power. 

We have also applied the Beacon technology in the building Vanderlande. You can now manage all areas within the building from an app. Because you connect to a device, you have a connection with all devices in the room through the beacons. This way you can raise the shutters and turn on the heating before your meeting. You can read more about it in the case of the Darwin app. 

Domotics Van der Lande


At CoffeeIT we have already helped several companies with building or process automation. As a result, these companies have become more efficient or productive. We have described two of our results below. Read how we did this!

Cream pot case

Previously, when you went on holiday in the Netherlands, you rented a house via the telephone or website. You then received a confirmation by e-mail. If you lose the e-mail, you have to call the reception again for a new e-mail. In addition, you will still not be able to enter the cottage upon arrival. The disadvantages of this are that the company must have the keys in the right place at the right time. And when the visitor loses the keys, you have to replace the lock.

Roompot wanted an innovative approach for this so that visitors can enter the house directly without first passing through the reception. The idea: replace the lock with a digital lock that is directly connected to a mobile app.

ROC and Roompot application development by coffee it

Coffee IT has created an app for Roompot where users can start their holiday with the push of a button. Easy onboarding with the reservation number and pin code sent to the specified email address. The digital key is the first step of home automation that Roompot integrates into the holiday park.

Another advantage is that the Roompot app can be used to keep distance very well. You can still enjoy your holiday in your own holiday home without coming into contact with others.

In-lite case

In-lite also had a home automation project for us. Normally you operate all your garden lighting manually. In-lite, seller of garden lighting, wanted to approach this in a different way. The plan: all lamps work together in a smart way so that the user has the best experience.

In-lite wants to give users total control over their garden lighting. When it starts to get dark, the garden lighting switches on slowly or you set a certain time. In short, you decide how your garden is lit. 

Through smart techniques in one Native solution users can control all garden lighting from an app. Each garden lamp is part of a mesh network via Bluetooth. As a result, each lamp is connected to each other and to the transformer. The app sends all commands to the lamps. The advantage of a mesh network is that it is stable and reliable. 

Because you as a user can set all routines, you have complete control. Do you want the lighting at the fountain to turn on earlier than other lamps? Then you set this with the push of a button. In addition, you can decide at what time the lights go off automatically. This ensures that the app is both energy efficient and cost effective.


Home automation has clearly outgrown its infancy. Home automation was first used by the most innovative companies to automate processes. Because it has now become more accessible, more and more companies are using the new technology. Domotica is even moving on to the private market where houses are completely automated.

Because we joined as Early Adopters, we have acquired all the knowledge to make the best home automation apps. For example, we have previously carried out innovative projects for in-lite and Darwin. Are you the next one who wants to have a home automation app made? Then contact us without obligation. Together we look at an app that fits your home automation plan.

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