Utrecht, November 18 | 4 minutes 

Last Friday was all about the Coffee IT Freaky Friday; the returning day where everyone can work on their own projects and ideas. The Coffee IT team loves to put the latest developments and techniques to the test. This time, for example, a team has been involved in converting an Android app to VR! We like to show you what we did last Freaky Friday have all done.

This Freaky Friday was obviously something else. Although we prefer to sit together in the office, we have adapted the Freaky Friday so that we can do it completely virtually. Fresh and fruity, we started at 08:30 sharp with pitching our ideas via a virtual standup. Tom (designer) and Armijn (backend developer) jointly had the idea to see if they could convert an Android app to VR. Of course with the new Oculus Quest 2?.

Is it possible to convert an Android app to VR within a day?

Tom and Armijn have started working on the new Oculus Quest 2. This one stand alone VR headset is built for the latest VR games, but how cool would it be to Android apps, like the WithLove app and with FREEONTOUR app convert to VR?

Freaky Friday VR

With the agreement to present the progress at the end of the morning, Tom and Armijn immediately started working with the new Oculus Quest 2 in the morning. They soon had a working version in which Tom could walk around in a world he had created himself (read: empty green plain with a wall..).

In the afternoon they continued to see if they could translate the VR world into the apps we developed. During the Vrijmibo we got to see something very cool: Armijn in a virtual cinema with the possibility to watch the videos of WithLove! Below you can see Armijn's reaction when he sees this for the first time.

Of course not only Armijn and Tom have been busy during this Freaky Friday. Curious what the rest of the Coffee IT team has made? Then keep an eye on our social channels via the links below…