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Coffee IT is very proud to announce that Fool Your Friends has just reached 3k users. This result was achieved in one month. To show our appreciation we have added 100 new facts. Bluff, lie and beat your friends and family with this trivia party game for iOS and Apple TV. Who can come up with the best answers to these crazy facts? Can you find out the truth among your friends' lies? You'll find out with our trivia party game Fool Your Friends.

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A view on the future

Because of this success, we are of course eager to further develop Fool Your Friends. So what does the future of Fool Your Friends hold? By collecting Feedback with Application Analytics we are now able to iteratively improve the app. For example, we found out that the concept and operation of the game is not immediately obvious to every user. For this reason, we want to add on-boarding to the app so that the user first receives a fictitious game with game explanation before the opportunity to play against others is given. We also saw that registration is a barrier for a number of users. By possibly placing the registration later in the process, we increase the conversion of the number of installations to active users. It is now also known to us that everyone likes to play against friends and acquaintances, but that they do not yet have the app. To provide users with this, we are considering building in an invite friends option.

When will the Android app come?

Initially, only the iOS app was developed, because the concept still had to be validated. Now we want to perfect the app before we start an Android version. However, everything is ready and we have set SMART goals when we start building an Android version. This strategy is a popular trend in the gaming industry, for example Rocket League grown big too.


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