Our reusable components on developer.coffeeit.nl

Utrecht, 11 January | 3 minutes 

You may have already seen it: developer.coffeeit.nl. This subdomain has been developed by our developers where they share their knowledge and place Source Available libraries for other developers.

Why did we develop developer.coffeeit.nl?

We have been recording a lot of knowledge in our Confluence for years. Choices about what works and what doesn't, trade-offs between technologies and how-to's. Now it's time to share that knowledge so that developers worldwide can realize better user experiences in less time.

As a developer you certainly know it: always writing the same code for the same functionalities. This is a time consuming process and can be much easier. That's why we introduced Aroma Components. These are Source Available libraries to kick start your own development. On developer.coffeeit.nl we can then also promote these components.

Write content? Our developers do that too! On developer.coffeeit.nl post them regularly technical blog posts that discuss the latest trends and developments within development. In this way they can share their knowledge and learn from each other. Curious? Read the latest blog article!

Take a look!

Want to know more about developer.coffeeit.nl or our Aroma components? Take a look at the website!