What are the possibilities of an iBeacon app?

Ever thought of an interactive way of communication that does not require the internet? Then is iBeacon technology maybe something for you. The possibilities are for example; a positioning system, interactive marketing or means of payment. It's a highly interactive technology that can be used just about anywhere, such as greeting your customers automatically. A heat map can also be automatically generated on which you can see where your customers are most often found in the store. It can therefore be used as a service and analysis tool.

How does iBeacon differ from techniques such as QR or NFC?

NFC only works in conjunction with payment systems and banks to facilitate transactions. However, iBeacon works with a technique called Apple Pay. All iPhone users need is an Apple Store account. In addition, the range of the iBeacon is so large, it can be up to 100 meters, that you do not even have to hold the device next to a scanner, such as with a public transport chip card, and the device does not need to have its own internet connection and camera, such as with a qr code.

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Sounds ideal, but what do iBeacons cost?

The IBeacon market is already quite saturated, there are many products of varying quality. It is important to know that IBeacon is the name for the technology and not for a beacon. Not every BLE beacon is therefore an IBeacon. But what else should be paid attention to? Of course, the distance within which the iBeacon can send a signal is important, but please note that depending on the efficiency of the circuit board and antenna, battery life can be drastically reduced. It therefore depends on the requirements which iBeacon best suits your needs. Often a sample can be sent for a small price, we recommend this for a large purchase. Think of a price around 30 euros per piece. It is also possible to order iBeacons from countries such as China, but pay extra attention to quality. Do you want appropriate advice? Then please contact us.

What's next for the iBeacon?

If all the advantages are weighed up: the number of devices that are already compatible and the improvements compared to the QR code and NFC, it soon becomes clear that the expectation is that iBeacon will continue to expand and expand to include festivals, for example. The advantage is also great for marketers because they can provide much more targeted advertising to, for example, a customer who views a product and then receives a specific discount coupon for it at that time.

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