The care is the perfect combination of people and technical innovation. As a technical partner of various healthcare institutions, we work together to improve the quality of life with an app. We have care apps developed for ZorgKaart NL, among others, and we are very proud of our own app 'LemonCare' in collaboration with the University Medical Center Groningen.

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Lemon, our app with the UMCG. Connects healthcare professionals and patients with advanced blockchain technology.

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You are the healthcare specialists, we are the app specialists. Curious how we develop all our apps? View our development process here.

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Patients who are given more independence and freedom, care providers who can provide care more easily and the quality of care for the elderly is improving. All this is possible with technical innovations. That's why healthcare apps have never been more essential than now. The use of care apps makes it possible to provide care remotely. A good example of this is the app that we provide Senior Homes have developed; this native app ensures that the elderly are always in contact with care providers, and they also have the option to open the door remotely or make video calls.

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We know better than anyone how valuable patient data is. That is why all apps comply with the latest encryption protocols and security standards (TLS).

Hybrid apps

As a full-service developer, we have extensive experience in implementing FHIR7 and comparable information standards.

Attention to the patient

Together with our clients, we develop apps to improve the quality of care, always with a focus on the patient.


The use of care apps makes it possible to better tailor care to the personal needs of the patient. A good example of this is our own app: Lemon. This app is developed from the project Hospital at Home in wordt geleid door UMCG.

One patient, one file, multiple healthcare institutions. The Lemon Care app ensures that every healthcare professional has the complete patient file, also between different organizations. This is made possible, among other things, by a link with Nedap's ONS.

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All apps we develop are custom solutions; especially with healthcare apps, it is essential that the app meets the wishes and needs of the user and healthcare institution. Other benefits of hiring an app developer with extensive experience in healthcare:

  • Adjusted to the wishes of the user
  • Agile development process
  • Encryption to ensure security
  • Meet high safety standards
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A care app can be used in many ways. It is the use of technology to support and/or improve health and/or healthcare services.

Want to know more about healthcare apps in combination with IoT and home automation? Then read this blog about care apps.

All our (care) apps are custom made and depend entirely on the concept and the required functionalities. On the basis of a no-obligation consultation we can quickly give an indication of the costs.

Care apps can contribute to health and/or healthcare in several ways. Better informing patients, improving the provision of information between healthcare providers and patients or simplifying and speeding up the need for help to communicate with care providers. The application is endless.

It is possible to have an application subsidized. Due to the corona pandemic, the SET scheme has been temporarily supplemented with an emergency scheme that grants subsidies for innovative healthcare applications. Spearheads in this are digital care at a distance and giving people at risk of illness a better life. Please note, there are many conditions to this. You can read more about this on this page developing apps with subsidies.

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