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Curious what building automation can do for your company? At Coffee IT we have extensive experience in developing building automation apps. A building automation app (also known as: building management system or home automation) contributes to the optimal design of processes and resources. Building automation applications have increased considerably in recent years, especially large companies and corporates are starting to see the benefits on a large scale. Curious about a building management system app for your company or concept? Please feel free to contact us or read more on this page first.

developing building automation app by Coffee IT

The possibilities of automation

Curtains that open automatically when they detect sunlight or lighting that switches on automatically before you enter the office. Building automation makes it possible for separate facilities such as lighting, climate control, security and access control to work together optimally. This makes life easier for the user with greater comfort, safety and efficiency. A building automation app is also called domotics. This is an intelligent form of building automation that can store/process data itself and perform certain actions based on this. It is an example of 'smart' equipment, which continues to evolve with the developments of it IoT (Internet of Things). Actions can be automated, saving on costs and energy.

A building management system app is a home automation system in one smartphone of tablets. This system can be built on a web or native basis and can be shielded so that equipment cannot be operated from outside the network. So it is only accessible to those you want them to have access to.

How does a building management system app actually work?

A building automation app communicates with other smart devices within a network. The app is often the control panel for the user, so the user has full control. It is possible to set rules or perform actions in the building automation app. For example, a user can ensure that the garden lighting switches on when it is dark or the hallway lighting switches on when someone enters the hallway.

It is possible to develop a building automation app for any platform, such as: Android, iOS or desktop. You can also choose to set up the app for multiple platforms at once. This can be done through a hybrid app.

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Specialists, not generalists

We would like to introduce them: the Coffee IT development team. This multidisciplinary team has all the knowledge to develop a successful building automation app from your concept. Our mission is that technology is an extension of the user, and that our advanced technology aims to make the user's life easier. A building management system fits in flawlessly with this vision. Everyone in the team is innovation driven, has a deep-rooted passion for tech and has his or her own specialty. Our developers can develop an app with a framework or operating system of your choice. Are you still not sure about the type of app for your target group? Then we are happy to guide you in your choice where possible. With our expertise, experience, flexibility and open work culture, we ensure that we develop a successful app for your concept. As a full-service app developer, we guide you through the entire process, from concept to marketing. This way you are guaranteed a successful app. 


Develop building automation app by Coffee IT

At Coffee IT we have demonstrable experience in developing multiple types of building management systems. A good example of a smart automation system developed by us is the app called Darwin. Darwin is a platform that is used to automate systems within business premises of Vanderlande and Puma, among others, and uses so-called beacons.

In addition to smart equipment indoors, we also specialize in outdoor building management systems. A good example of this is the app called In-lite. This app is currently still being developed by us for the company In-lite. More information about this coming soon!

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Home automation app

A building automation app, voice control and Homekit and/or Google Assistant

Apple HomeKit and Google assistant work well with other applications. For that reason, it is possible to link your building automation app to these systems. You benefit greatly from this, because you provide the user with extra ease of use. This significantly increases the chance of success. A major advantage of this is that with this link the user can control his devices by voice. Voice control is becoming increasingly important, so this is how you ensure that your app is ready for the future.


The benefits of a professional building automation app

Do you want a custom building automation app? At Coffee IT we can take every app idea to a high standard mobile application translate. As a committed developer, we think along with you about the concept, technology and positioning of the app. We act as a development partner, which means that we are always available for questions or sparring sessions. A high-quality building automation app can contribute to:

  • Organize business processes more efficiently
  • Reduces human labour
  • Is user-friendly for the end user
  • Ensures an ultimate balance between people and resources
  • Allows you to broach a new or larger target group
  • An application with an eye to the future
  • Contributes to ease of use

We develop apps for:

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