Looking for the latest developments in cybersecurity & cloud data

Phishing, data leaks, DDOS and other fraudulent practices. With the advent of AI, machine learning and the Internet of Things, companies are increasingly at risk of falling victim to hackers. At Coffee IT, we believe it is important to continue to develop and to keep abreast of the latest trends, also in the field of data, cloud and security. That's why Fabian, Stephanie & Jort went to the Data and Cloud Expo to discover the latest developments of digitization in cybersecurity.

The smart workplace: on to the cloud 

More and more companies are switching from the traditional office to the smart workplace. Cloud services play a major role in this. For example, companies are increasingly working with services such as AWS or Google Drive. This has many advantages. For example, documents can be shared quickly with colleagues and it is possible for staff to work remotely. Old devices are also replaced by new equipment such as printers and scanners IoT functionalities. The smart workplace has many advantages for users, but offers hackers new opportunities to access privacy-sensitive data. How do you protect a company's data against this type of crime and what types of attacks are there?

Dark Trace 

To get a better idea of ​​the new ways hackers are using to get to our data, we went to a lecture from Dark Trace. Darktrace is a security system that uses a self-learning AI system that makes it possible to locate attacks at an early stage. During this presentation, two new forms of cyber threats were discussed: Trust attacks and machine-based attacks.

Cyber ​​Threat: Trust attacks 

An example of a new generation of cyber attacks are the so-called trust attacks. Trust attacks differ from normal attacks because trust attacks modify the information instead of deleting data. Often without the other party knowing about this, with all the consequences that entails. An example of this is a lawsuit in which the defending party hires a hacker who modifies the accusing party's data so that evidence can no longer be used. 

Cyber ​​Threat: Machine-based attacks 

In addition to trust attacks, machine-based attacks are a new way hackers try to access company data. In a machine-based attack, hackers use IoT technology to transmit data in real time. A well-known example of this is the case 'Hack Nemo''. In this situation, hackers placed a small IoT device in the aquarium of a large casino in the US. This small device then collected privacy-sensitive data and forwarded it to a server.

Tour of the Data & Cloud Expo:

After the lecture, a tour of the fair was on the program. Large companies such as Amazon and Dell were present at the fair, but ingenious startups also had the opportunity to show the latest techniques in the field of cloud services and security. We have become a little wiser in the world of Data & Cloud, cyber threats and new ways to counter them.