Utrecht, April 30, 2020 | 3 minutes 


Are you the owner of an iOS app and do you want to perform an update (soon)? Then read this article carefully!

Agreement updates Apple

Our iOS developers are increasingly seeing the above message when they want to push an update for an app in the Apple App Store. As a result, they cannot process an app update directly in the Apple App Store. Fortunately, it's easy to fix. To ensure that your updated app can be offered immediately in the Apple App Store, we have made this short step-by-step plan.

What is the message exactly?

This message indicates that an amended terms and conditions are ready to be signed. Only the account owner can do this. We as an iOS developer often deliberately do not have those powers. In extreme cases, this can cause some delay. This is because we first have to give our clients the request to sign before we can push the update.

Where can I find the new conditions?

You find the new terms of Apple Agreements via this link. After you click on the link you will automatically be referred to the correct section 'Sing and update agreements'. Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Log in here
Step 2: Navigate to the agreements section, click on 'view' and 'agree to terms'.
Step 3: Check whether all information is correct. This includes all entity information such as the address, company name, etc.
Step 4: Read the amended terms and conditions and click 'agree'. Tip: make a copy and save it for your own documentation.

Are we the app developer of your iOS app? Please send us a message when you have signed the amended terms and conditions. Then we can quickly push the app to the App Store. This is how your iOS app (with new features!) in the App Store in no time.