2019 is almost over. What do you say? Already? Yes, all clichés can come out again. Because the year has gone by so fast, hasn't it? The time flew. It feels like yesterday that we were still working on our apps with 10 people (literally) at our office in Utrecht. Now, almost a year later, we would like to look back on the past year. What beautiful things did 2019 bring us, what can we immediately forget and which sneak peek can we give about 2020?


2019 represents the year of growth for us as an app developer. At the beginning of 2019 we started with ten people. We now count twenty-one fine ones Coffee IT colleagues. Carefully, a few ladies are lined up. Stephanie (me, the marketer) kicked things off. Then Yvon (UX & UI designer) and Daphne (Android developer) happily joined the company. We have now added React developer guru (hello Ramon), commercial talent (Jort) and native developers (Armijn, Yassin) to our team*. Now we can really say that we are a multidisciplinary team with all specialties in house!

In addition to our colleagues, our number of customers has also increased significantly in the past year. We have welcomed many new customers this year, including holiday provider: Roompot, the best friend for every student: Knaek and the market leader in video-on-demand channels: DutchChannels. We have also been able to make cool new apps for BAGTAG, Deloitte, Love-measuring, LiveAdvize and more. We are honored to call these customers our new technical partners!

Our growth also meant a new workplace

Develop web apps
Office Coffee IT new

Expansion of our specializations and custom solutions

With the expansion of our new colleagues, our expertise has also increased. Where we were already lord and master of developing regular native- hybrid en websites applications, we are now the market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to developing VoIP communication apps. This fits well with our passion: developing complex apps that make use of the IoT.

React native apps

Last year we at Coffee IT started programming in React native. React Native (or React) is a relatively new hybrid programming language that contains native components. This means that we can develop an app that works directly on both platforms (iOS & Android) and feels native to the user. So very efficient! We are fans, and our customers with us. Although in some cases a different app technique can still offer a more suitable solution. We will explain this further in this article, where we cover Ionic vs React.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) & IoT apps

With the innovations in the technical field in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT), we as tech geeks cannot stand still. For example, we have worked on many new IoT apps in the past year. Take for example the smart lock app from Roompot with which you can easily check in and out of your holiday accommodation with a smartphone. Another example of one IoT application is the BAGTAG electronic luggage tag which allows air travelers to check in luggage anytime, anywhere through Bluetooth integrations.

Coffee IT as a brand

Our strategy has been closely scrutinized in the past year. Where we used to focus mainly on startups, we now notice that our expertise lies in solving complex issues. By solving these problems with intuitive and smart solutions, we build apps that actually contribute to the big picture. Whether that is an efficiency improvement within a company such as Fruitenbedrijf, which significantly accelerates an essential business process. Or a care app that facilitates and improves the services of healthcare providers through blockchain.

Of course we still like to build apps for every industry, whether it's an app for a startup, multinational, large corporate or enthusiastic retiree. But we try to better align these projects with our vision, isn't the project an extension of this? Then we may not be the right party for developing the app. We call this: focus.**

cost for an app

In addition to our new focus on app projects, as a Coffee IT brand we focus more on what we want to be: a fresh club with new ideas and an accessible character. For example, we think it is important that our customers can always start a conversation and our app development process remains flexible.

In addition, this year we have been busy propagating our core values ​​(expert, involved and result-oriented) in all our communications (and there were quite a few!). For example, we now have an asset Instagram account with #techtuesday facts, we have Coffee IT posters hanging in and around Utrecht and we are started an action to support a good cause: digital education in Africa.

What can we quickly forget?

It wouldn't be an accurate review if there weren't things from 2019 that we'd soon forget. Like all changes, some things happen by trial and error. Take, for example, the fact that we could not be reached by telephone for a whole day (..say, do you also find it nice and quiet?) because we had switched VoIP hosting.

When app testing goes wrong

Or take that time when we were without power because the fuses blew while testing an IoT app for automated lighting. Our learning moment: do not connect too many transformers to one power group.

Sneak peek 2020: what can we expect?

2019 is almost over. What can we expect from 2020? As far as we are concerned, it will be an even better year. Besides the fact that we want to continue our healthy growth and broaden our specializations in IoT apps, we are also working on new plans for 2020. As an app developer, we will establish ourselves even more as an authority in the field of IoT apps, and then especially with BLE, VoIP or beacon integrations.

Because it all started in 2014 with the three founders of Coffee IT (Job, Fabian and Thijs), we asked the three entrepreneurs what we can expect from 2020:


2019 was a fantastic year with ambitious goals and many new collaborations. 2020 will be the year of stabilization. We will continue to grow, but the focus will be more on strengthening our current team. We have all the knowledge in-house. So now we want to make sure everyone does what they do best and gets energy out of it. This will enable us to serve our customers even better in 2020.

– Thijs Hendrikx –

On behalf of everyone at Coffee IT: thank you & see you next year!

*Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Tristan last year because he was looking for a new challenge and wanted to travel the world (millennials). His picture still hangs in the office.

**And do what you are good at.