It's time for a party today. Not because we're going live, it's Friday afternoon as if we've entered into a new partnership. No, today is Coffee IT's birthday, and that memorable moment should of course be celebrated. From a small start-up to a full-service app development agency in 2019. We are proud of it, and we would like to take you behind the scenes at Coffee IT. A walk down memory lane, are you?


  • 24m2
  • Dorm room
  • 5 customers
  • 5 projects
  • NO apps
  • 3 employees


  • 32m2
  • Visschersplein 160-1
  • 18 customers
  • 20 projects
  • NO apps
  • 6 employees


  • 110m2
  • Visschersplein 160-12
  • 40 customers
  • 45 projects
  • NO apps
  • 10 employees


  • 160m2
  • Visschersplein 160-12
  • 52 customers
  • 76 projects
  • NO apps
  • 14 employees

3 young developers with a big dream

April 3, 2014 – They looked at each other promisingly and entered at St Jacobsstraat 300, in other words: the Chamber of Commerce Utrecht. Young developers with a big dream. After a solid 5 minutes they were outside again and the dream had become reality, Coffee IT BV was born.

13-6-2016 - The first major customer has signed. This is the beginning of a successful collaboration with ClearVox Nexxt. ClearVox was looking for a VoIP app that fits seamlessly with the functionalities that Clearvox offers to its customers. This was a great case for us, because it fits seamlessly with our mission to make the life of the user easier through technological solutions.

07-07-2016 - From student room to an official office. The first working day in the office. The men look quite relaxed.

Job and Thijs founders Coffe IT (1)

11-11-2016 - We get the 2nd place at Startup Weekend Utrecht. During this event we realize the 'Roomie' concept. A platform that helps expats looking for a room with accommodation.

22-3-2017 - It goes well! So good that it was decided to move to a larger office. The first new colleagues and clients are pouring in.

12-06-2017 - The team now consists of 7 developers. Coffee IT now has native, hybrid and web developers in-house.

10-11-2017 - The Startup Weekend organized by us takes place in the Social Impact Factory. During this event, 120 entrepreneurs got to work with their concept. The event was a great success, it was sold out in no time and we received many positive reactions from fellow entrepreneurs.

1-12-2017 - Our team now consists of 10 colleagues. Now we can really be called a specialist. We have more native iOS, Android and web developers in-house, each with their own specialism.

Team photo Coffee IT

5-4-2018 - Blockchain hackathon in Groningen. Lemon is chosen for an accelerator at UMC Groningen.

29-08-2018 - Lemon BV en Motorcycle Tour BV be established. The Lemon app is a healthcare app that connects patient and healthcare professional through state-of-the-art blockchain technology. The app works on the Ethereum blockchain, on which three smart contracts run that enable patients and healthcare providers to manage permissions and retrieve data from the affiliated healthcare institutions. The MotoTour app has been developed for motorcycle enthusiasts. It is a turn-by-turn navigation app that generates routes for motorcyclists from the real-time location.

31-01-2019 – Successes should be celebrated. At Coffee IT, we do this appropriately on the slopes. Here we work on professionalization, collaboration, team building, you know the drill.

22-2-2019 - We are now 14 strong. In addition to native, web and hybrid developers, we now also have designers and a marketer in-house. It's getting a bit cozy, so we've added an extra office space. It is rumored that the Coffee IT HQ will be moving soon..

Develop web apps

What will our next anniversary look like?

At Coffee IT we will continue with our ambition, namely to become the market leader in the field of app development in the Netherlands. If things continue like this, this healthy growth will continue steadily, competencies and specialism will be further utilized and we will celebrate our successes next year with even more great colleagues on the slopes. Do you want to be there next year or do you want more information about Coffee IT? Then view our vacancies or contact us directly. And who knows, you might celebrate our next anniversary with us. Cheers!