In just under 2 weeks it will be time: Apple's virtual WWDC 2020. On Monday, June 22, the 31st edition of the annual Worldwide Developers Conference will take place. Our developers have of course put the conference on the agenda for a long time and with only two weeks left until the big date, speculation is starting to circulate. What do we expect from WWDC 2020?


It is clear that the annual WWDC will look slightly different this year. In view of the corona situation and social distancing, the event will have a different set-up. Where we used to come to the Apple event in California in large numbers, the conference will now take place entirely online. This can be done via the Apple Developer App or via the website.

This will be the first worldwide online version of the WWDC. Apart from the fact that we have long been familiar with a virtual environment, there is also another plus. Where it used to be about $1600 dollars for developers to attend the conference, it is now completely free.


At least, if we have to believe Phil Schiller, director of marketing at Apple.

WWDC20 will be bigger than ever and will bring together no less than 23 million developers during a week in June. We can't wait to tell you where the various Apple platforms are headed. Developers can look forward to a range of new tools to build even more beautiful apps and set up services. Although it is almost time, we will lift a corner of the veil in the meantime and let you know what we have in store for WWDC20.'

Shall we lift the tip of the veil for you?


As indicated in the introduction, we naturally have some expectations for Apple's major software keynote. These are our WWDC 2020 expectations:

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iOS 14 

We'll start with the most obvious update: iOS 14. Originally, the software would focus on stability this year. Yet there are quite a few new features leaked for the new iPhone operating system. One of the expectations is that the home screen will be changed. The home screen will then have a more user-friendly interface through a list view. This allows users to scroll faster.

Also go there rumors that iOS 14 will get live widgets on the home screen. From the code review of iOS 14 by 9to5Mac is called the internal name 'Avocado' in combination with these widgets that you can move as app icons. Operation 'Avocado'. These widgets quickly provide information or let you perform a certain action, such as taking a photo. It is possible that these widgets will make the home screen look busy. For this reason, the live widgets can't be included in iOS 14 anyway. There are rumors of new wallpapers with faded and quieter versions for 'Home Screen Appearance'. This could solve that problem.

The biggest change as far as we are concerned is that you will soon be able to set your own default app. For example, you can choose whether Google Chrome will be your default web browser or Gmail your default mail client. As a result, for example, Siri will no longer activate Apple Music as the default music player when Spotify is your chosen music service.

Finally, Apple seems to want to tackle the possible corona kilos among iPhone users. They do this by introducing their own fitness app with exercises and videos to keep fit. More on this later..

iPadOS 14

Earlier we wrote about the software division of the iPad and the iPhone and the blurring of the boundaries between iPad and Mac. At the beginning of this year, the Magic Keyboard for the iPad was introduced, which blurs these boundaries even further. Since iPadOS 13.4 there is mouse support and a built-in trackpad for better navigation. We are fans! We believe that this is conducive to developing professional skills iPad applications.

iPadOS gets its own software updates. Probably so that it can be better tuned to the tablet. This year we expect new promising concepts for the iPadOS 14 proprietary operating system.

macOS 10.16

The updates of the mac are always a bit exciting. Just like last year, Apple does not reveal much about the macOS updates. Last year was all about macos catalina. With Catalyst, Apple enables developers to create a Mac version of an iPad app using UIKit. A framework that so far could only be used for iOS apps. These cross-platform apps have the advantage that developers can more easily extend apps from iOS to macOS. Given the emptiness and backlog of the Mac App Store, we expect some innovations here.

Watch 7

The watchOS 7 will be the major update for the Apple Watch. Thanks to a combination of factors leaked bits of code and rumors already quite a lot about the update.

Smartwatches have been growing in popularity in recent years. To give you an idea: in the first quarter of 2020 there are sold about 14 million smart watches worldwide. This is a growth of 20% compared to last year. Gone are the days when they were seen as just an accessory. Living a healthier and more productive life seems to be Apple's approach behind the Apple Watch. Apple turns the Apple Watch into a health gadget. Think of the aforementioned fitness app or a sleep app that measures the quality of your sleep rhythm.

The Apple Watch also gets a promising new feature that has the potential to save the wearer's life. The editors of 9to5Mac has found pieces of code that contain two new promising Apple Watch features. First, there will be an improved ECG element. This measures the electrical activity of the wearer's heart muscle. In addition, the Apple Watch will probably soon measure the oxygen content in the blood. When this percentage falls below 80%, this can have major adverse consequences for both a person's heart and brain. The user will receive a notification when this is the case, but how this is done specifically is still unknown. Whether owners of an Apple Watch will soon need new hardware for this feature is also unknown. These are promising features in the world of E-health and care apps.

We also know that parents will have more control over their children's use of the Watch. For example, certain apps can be locked with the 'schooltime' function. These features will fall under parental controls, where parents use their iPhone (slim) set up their child's Apple Watch. A similar function already exists, but you cannot yet work with several at the same time on one account.

New watch faces for the Apple Watch appear every year. For the watchOS 7 there would be new flag watch faces come. You can choose your favorite flag, customize the watch face and then share it with others.

Apple Watch watch faces and flags

TvOS 14

Perhaps our favourite. And not just because we happen to be developing apps for that… Unfortunately, Apple is always very mysterious and a bit low about updates to the tvOS. This year we expect small updates like animated screensavers and maybe a link to the recurring fitness app.


ARM chips Mac

Apple may start using its own chips in the Macs. There have been rumors about this for some time, but a recent report of it Bloomberg tells us that the moment has really arrived. We expect to hear more about this during the upcoming WWDC 2020. Apple now uses its own SoC chips in the iPad and iPhone, among others, but they are still dependent on Intel for the Mac. They already have the T1 and T2 chips for Mac, which provide better security, among other things, the next step is a complete transition to ARM Macs.

We expect the greatest achievements from the transition to ARM chips. The transition has accelerated because Intel's chips make few performance steps, while internal tests with the ARM chips show large performance improvements. This could eventually lead to thinner and lighter MacBooks.


Apple's smart speaker is not Apple's showpiece. Google and Amazon have dominated the market for years. There are rumors that Apple will release a smaller, low-budget version of the speaker. According to Bloomberg a cheaper version half the size of the current homePod will appear later this year. This allows Apple to enter the arena and compete with the cheap small speakers.

Apple's homePod

iPad Air

Apple often unveils other iPads around this time. The iPad pro 2020 and iPad Air 2020 are already here, but the iPad Air is rumored to have a new design and USB-C. However, we are not sure whether this WWDC will be announced yet.


The iMacs are probably due for a major update now that the MacBooks are ready for 2020. With the larger screen bezels, the iMac looks a bit outdated. We expect smaller bezels and a model similar to the Pro Display XDR.


Our team of developers has been following Apple's conference for years. We are ready on Monday evening 22 June to follow the WWDC together at our office in Utrecht.

Like last year, we'll be writing a supplemental blog post WWDC with key results and announcements and their impact on apps.


ARM chips, live widgets for iOS 14, a sensor for blood oxygen measurements on the watchOS and much more. A lot of topics have been reviewed in this blog. A short recap is therefore in order. What does Dennis, our iOS guru and co-developer of our iOS apps like ClearVox, BAGTAG en FreeOnTour, which will be the most important update?

The most important news that Apple will most likely bring us this year is the switch from Intel processors to their own chips in the Macs. Apple has been proving for years that it can develop state-of-the-art chips for the iPhone and iPad that are far ahead of the competition in terms of performance and are also more powerful than many computers. In the long term, this also ensures that developing apps for the entire ecosystem (from Mac to iPhone to Apple TV) is faster and easier.


The very first Swift Student Challenge is a fact. In addition to announcing the annual WWDC, Apple also announced the Swiftchallenge On. This competition really cracks the creative brain of young iOS developers. Whoever programs the most creative Swift playground of at least three minutes will win an original WWDC 2020 jacket (and button set?). And probably a lot of eternal fame and fame. And who knows.. a trip with the next launch of the Crew Dragon capsule from SpaceX..Who knows?

Registrations for the challenge are now closed. The winners will be announced prior to the Keynote.

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