Last Monday, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off with the highly anticipated Apple Keynote. For years, WWDC has been the event where Apple showcases the latest versions of its software, and occasionally new hardware. Curious what Apple announced during its keynote? Below is a summary of the major updates. 


The main focus of Apple's Keynote was of course on the new OS for the iPhone. With iOS 15, the software has not received so much a redesign as an extension of Apple's current arsenal. native apps. Craig Federighi started his presentation with the words Stay Connected, a phrase that is leading for the new operating system.


One of the biggest changes in iOS 15 is Facetime, which will soon also be available for iPadOS and MacOS. With the new Portrait Mode functionality you can blur your background during video calls. With Spatial Audio for Facetime you can now also filter annoying background noises. In addition, you now have the option to schedule your Facetime conversations and Android users can also participate in the conversation.

iOS 15 WWDC 2021


In addition to the new Facetime app, Apple also announces SharePlay: this allows you to watch music, TV and movies together. You also have the option to share your screen during a video call. Apple is also announcing the Share Play API so that app developers can also add this SharePlay functionality to their apps.


Apple has been working for some time to make users aware of their device use. With functionalities such as Screen Time you already get insight into the time spent on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. With the new Focus app you get the opportunity to adapt your mobile device to the situation. For example, are you at work? Then all notifications from, for example, Whatsapp are kept away. It is even possible to adjust your home screen to the situation.

There is much more…

These are the biggest announcements, of course there is much more that will change in iOS 15. Check the overview below or look at Apple's overview page for a summary of all functionalities.

Overview iOS 15 WWDC 2021

iPadOS 15: Widgets, Swift Playground and Multitasking

Not entirely unexpectedly, Apple also announces iPadOS 15 for its tablets. Again, no imposing redesign, but a number of functionalities that are more than welcome for the iPad power user.


The biggest improvement in iPadOS 15 is that you can now place widgets anywhere on the iPad home screen. In the previous version, the expanded versions of apps still had a fixed place. More widgets will be available from Apple, but developers can also build widgets that make more use of the iPad's large screen.


Making a quick note in your iPad becomes a lot easier. With the new operating system, Apple provides a productivity boost that they themselves multitasking to call. Whatever app you're in, you can always click in the corner of the screen for a Quick Note (as Apple calls it). In addition, the split screen functionality has been improved and there will be new shortcuts.

Quick Note iPadOS WWDC2021

Swift Playgrounds

For all (future) developers among us, Apple has expanded the Swift Playgrounds app for iPadOS. With Playgrounds, Apple offers the possibility to build (and learn to code) your own apps in a playful way. With iPadOS 15 it is now possible to live test the app on your iPad and even submit your app to the App Store. To increase productivity in Swift Playgrounds, the iPad app now includes code completion!

One more thing…..

iPadOS 15 will of course also get all the features of iOS 15. Facetime is getting an update and the focus app can be used on all systems. Check the overview below or look at Apple's overview page for a summary of all functionalities.

iPadOS 15 Summary

macOS Monterey

The Mac will also receive an update after the summer: MacOS Monterey. Again, no major redesign, but cool improvements for Safari, AirPlay for Mac, Shortcuts and something they call 'Universal Control'.

The new Safari

Safari is the most important app for 99% of Mac users. Next to Chrome, this is the most used browser in the world. With MacOS Monterey, Safari gets a facelift with a greater focus on the web page. The top bar with all tabs, functions and buttons becomes a lot more minimalist.

Safari Privacy Report

With the new Privacy Report in Safari, every user can see which trackers and websites are collecting personal data. This will soon also work in the App Store; Apple calls this the App Privacy Report. Also introduces Apple Hide My Email: a handy tool to register yourself somewhere without using your own email address. Know more about the Privacy Efforts from Apple? Then check the press-release which was put online at the same time as the Keynote.

macOS Monterey Safari

universal control

This new feature in MacOS is very cool. With Universal Control you have the option to connect your iPad to your Mac(book) and continue working on the various devices. Check out the video below to see what it looks like in real life.

Apple's Ecosystem

You're probably starting to understand. Apple's MacOS also receives the improvements in Facetime, the new focus app and SharePlay. Below you will find the overview of MacOS. Here you will find one resume of all new Mac features.

macOS Summary

WatchOS 8: Some nice improvements

The Apple Watch also receives a software update: WatchOS 8. The focus in this update is clearly on two parts: photos and smart accessories. With adjustments to Wallet and Homekit, Apple wants to integrate the Watch more into your daily life.

Photos dials

With WatchOS 8, users get the option to set photos as watch faces. In addition, the Photos app in WatchOS is also getting an update that makes it easier to view and share your favorite photos.

Smart Home 

The Home App in WatchOS 8 gets a redesign and expansion in functionalities. It will soon be possible to view and control your smart cameras via your Watch. Do you have a HomePod at home? Then you can easily send spoken messages via Intercom to the speaker.

Apple WWDC2021 WatchOS 2021

More functionalities in Wallet

Unlocking a car with your Apple Watch was already announced, but with WatchOS you will soon also be able to open your front door, office or hotel door. This is of course – in a world with a global pandemic – a welcome improvement. It will soon be possible to put your hotel booking in a wallet and go straight to your room. In addition, Apple is also starting in a number of American states with the option of digitizing your driver's license, so you will no longer have to carry a physical wallet at all.

WatchOS 8: overview

WatchOS will of course get a lot more new features in addition to the photo watch faces and Home App. View the summary below. By the way, are you curious about what has changed in Apple Health? We will discuss this further below..??

WatchOS 8 Summary

Apple Health: more insight for yourself and family

With the new iOS and WatchOS, Apple Health also gets an update. There has been some speculation about a new Apple Watch with a sugar level meter, but this is still awaited. On the other hand, Apple has developed a number of upgrades within Apple's Health app.

health sharing

In addition to your own health, you naturally also want your loved ones to stay healthy. With the Health update you can gain insight into certain metrics of your family. For example, the heart rate of your sick mother or the number of exercise hours of your son. Of course, everyone must give prior access to this.

macOS Monterey Safari


All data that your Apple Watch / iPhone collects is interesting, especially when it comes to the lower term. With trends, your iPhone will soon indicate whether there has been a change in your data. For example, if your heart rate has been significantly higher in the past two weeks.

Walking steadyness

This may not be relevant to everyone. But Apple is launching a new metric in the Health App. According to Apple, there are 37 million people who require medical attention as a result of a fall. With iOS 15, your iPhone measures the distance between your steps, your speed, and your overall movement. Then it gives a score. If it is very low, your iPhone will let you know that you have an increased risk of unexpected falls.

In addition to Health Sharing, Trends and Walking Steadyness, Apple Health is also getting a new Mindfulness App, your Apple Watch can now also measure your respiratory rate and you can easily share your data with a doctor. Want to know more? Read all about it here Apple Health in the press release.

Features for developers

The WWDC is of course organized for and with developers. There are a number of exciting developments that allow us to build even better apps for the Apple ecosystem.

Xcode cloud

Xcode Cloud is a new tool built specifically for Apple developers. For example, the development, testing and delivery of apps can be done entirely online. Together with TestFlight, developers can now easily collect feedback and simultaneously test (in parallel) in the cloud. We call that efficiency! By the way, Xcode Cloud will only go into Beta next month, so it will be a while before this becomes accessible to every developer.

Apple WWDC21 Swift

Update on the App Store

Soon it will also be possible to add more App Store Assets to test in the Apple App Store. With Custom Product Pages, as Apple calls them, developers now have the ability to test multiple app icons, videos, and previews. In short: A/B testing in the App Store. We think so app marketers very interesting. Developers will also soon be able to create events in the App Store, so that users can easily go to an in-app live concert, competition or film.

Apple App Store updates

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Recap of the WWDC21 Keynote

Well…. Quite a bit was announced during the Keynote. And then we haven't even discussed everything in this blog. Are you very curious what else was discussed and would you like to look back at the entire keynote? Watch it below??

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