You have a great concept for an app and would like to see your dream come true. The next step is often to request a quote for developing an app. This gives you a good idea of ​​the costs and lead time.

Drawing up an app quotation is complex: for example, we as an app developer are completely dependent on the information that the customer (you?) gives us before we can draft this. If this information is inaccurate or incomplete, we will not be able to prepare an accurate quote (or any at all). Having a clear plan is the first step in it app development process. This covers the risk and increases the chance of success. As a prospective app owner, you can test the customer needs and feasibility of the app with a clear plan, including accompanying information.

In this article we take a closer look at the information you must provide if you want to request an app quote. This is how we help you on your way to the realization of your app success!

This article in general:


The question definition is the most important part when you have your own app made. For a app development agency like us, this is important to get a clear picture of the expectations and the purpose of the project. An app developer needs a well-defined concept plan and app goal if they want to say something meaningful about it and prepare an accurate quote. If the purpose of the app is not clear or certain concepts are incomplete, the developer will send you back to the drawing board. A well-developed concept plan and goal is also indispensable for the customer: without good frameworks and a targeted plan, the feasibility and success rate of an app is very low.

What is a well-developed plan?

A well-developed concept plan consists of at least the following components: the demand definition, scope and the (desired) budget.

Collecting the necessary information and developing a solid app concept is intensive and time-consuming. Nevertheless, it is an indispensable first step. It is a validation for your app idea. For example, you can find out whether an alternative already exists, whether the user needs such an app and the feasibility of the scope. Have you recently used the search terms 'what does an app cost' or 'how long does it take to develop an app' used? There is a good chance that you are not yet ready for a tailor-made quote and that you need to go deeper.

Are the requirements of the application not yet clear or could you use some help with drawing up a solid plan? Our strategists and app developers can help you further. As a full-service app developer, we give workshops to guide you and get the concept crystal clear. Ask about the possibilities and about this contact us.


Are the requirements of the application not yet clear or could you use some help with drawing up a solid plan? Our strategists and app developers can help you further. As a full-service app developer, we provide workshops to guide you through the start-up phase and to clarify the concept. Ask about the possibilities and about this contact us.


The scope indicates the scope of a project. It determines which factors fall within the development and which outside it. A well-defined scope consists of the following components:

  • The purpose of the app
  • The target group
  • The functionalities (functional requirements)
  • The technical requirements
  • Additional information
  • App marketing strategy

These parts give both the developers and the customer a good idea of ​​the backbone of the app.



The purpose of the app your first starting point. Determine what purpose the app has and what target group you want to reach with it. Which (complex) problem does the app solve or which wish does the app fulfill? As an organization you often already have an extensive customer base or multiple products. The app must be supplementary to the product or service and provide added value for the user. Even though there are thousands of similar apps in the stores, users should choose your app because they (want to) use your product or service.

Sometimes we notice that the purpose of the app is also the most difficult question whether customers have given it enough thought. This is a shame, with the millions of apps in the stores it is important that this section is watertight so that your app survives the download war and has the ability to make an impact. There are thousands of undistinguished apps in the stores that are never downloaded, which you want to avoid when both you and the developer have put so much energy and resources into the realization of the app.

What kind of app goals can you think of?

– Increasing (customer) satisfaction (target group = customers or staff)
– Increasing the reach or brand awareness (target group = customers)
– Optimization of internal processes (target group = personnel)
– Providing an extra service or service (target group = customer, visitor or staff)
– Etc..

These are just a few examples. An app can have many purposes. Organizations often know their target group well and have already mapped out the needs of the target group, unless they are entering a new market. Make sure you have the target audience in mind. Know who they are, where they are, what the demographic and social factors are, what needs and are and what problem your app solves for the target group. Based on this data, assess whether there is a demand for your app and how feasible it is. For example, are there enough potential users to be profitable and to earn back the investment?

Useful tools: target group research, competitive analysis, personas, this checklist, revenue models for an app


Here's where it gets a little more technical: the functionalities. Which functionalities the app must have? Which are a 'need to have' and a 'nice to have'? Functionality largely determines the costs of an app. Each functionality entails costs, which differ per functionality and solution. A number of functionalities that you can think of:

– Login function/login screen
– Option to create your own account
– Link with social media
– Add favourites
– Integrate search function
– Send push notifications
– Map or GPS integration
– Link with data tracking (eg Firebase of Analytics)
- Etc…

Develop custom app

There are of course more functionalities to add to the list. It is good to determine which are needed in the app and which can be added later with an app update.

Keep in mind that in addition to the extra costs that functionalities entail, the privacy legislation and regulations of the stores also play a role. For example, functionalities may only be added if they contain information from users that are necessary for the proper functioning of the app.

We give regularly notifications on our site about tightened guidelines.

Useful tools: roadmap, MVP design,requirements document


The technical requirements (also known as process requirements) determine the technology used in the app and are developed in the backend. The backend keeps the app running in the background (backend, that is). The backend part is not directly visible to the end users of the app, but it is necessary for its functioning. Organizations often already have an environment or system to which the app can be linked (APIs). If this is not yet available and the app developer has to develop the backend, then this logically costs more development hours.

The backend of an app must be well put together. For example, you have to think carefully about the backend architecture, QA (Quality Assurance) and security. In addition, it is necessary to choose the app technique. For which platform is the app being built and with which programming language? For example, do you want a native apps that is developed specifically for iOS or Android or do you want one hybrid app of web app which is directly accessible to both users?

Some technical requirements can be:

– Link with data tracking (eg Firebase of Analytics)
– Link to your own information system or business API
– Implement your own CMS system

Useful tools: this app techniques selection guide


If you have processed all the above topics, you probably still have a number of preconditions that you think contribute to the project. This can be a number of peripheral matters such as integrating an organization's house style or something you would like to see reflected in the app.

Also let us know who will be the contact person or project leader, and how you expect to plan the communication. We prefer someone with a technical background or knowledge, but this is not mandatory. On the other hand, being able to switch quickly during the development of the app is important to ensure that the process runs smoothly and, if necessary, to respond to opportunities in the market.


By indicating a budget, the app developer knows what budget is available for the first phase. It is important to indicate these frames. In addition, it says something about how serious the proposal is and the expectations that are being managed. A little custom app starts at 20.000 euros. If you want some functionality in it, you will soon be above 30.000 euros. When specifying the budget, you can think of:

10.000 to 20.000
20.000 to 50.000
50.000 to 100.000
More than 100.000

Within these frameworks, an app developer can check whether the budget matches the scope. Is the scope unrealistic and much too broad (or too narrow)? In that case, the budget may have been estimated too high or too low.

It is also good to know that customization requires quality and expertise. So do you want to have a relatively simple app made with little technical challenge and functionalities? Then a custom app may not be necessary. In that case you can see if it is possible develop the app yourself, or a develop the app with, for example, app builders. Do you have a complex problem that needs to be solved with an app or do you want an app with many functionalities? Then we, or another custom app developer, are the right party and are happy to help you.


Would you like to receive a quote for your app concept and do you check all the above boxes? Then take contact on Contact us and request a quote or consultation.

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Who knows, we might soon toast your app release together!