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Do you want to have a app made by an experienced Android app developer who translates your concept into a high-quality and professional app? 

Our Android developers develop you native apps and guide you to a successful app release. On this page you can read more about how we have done this for other clients. Knowing more? Then take Contact us us. 

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Android app developer

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create an Android app

Create an Android app

As a full service app developer we develop Android apps for different clients. The apps are developed by our team of specialists. For example, the project supervisor is your sparring partner, our developers develop your app and our designers provide good visuals.

  • Ordered before in-lite we have developed an app to control smart garden lighting through Domotica and IoT.
  • With the Hymer travel app, you can create personalized itineraries, find the best accommodations and even keep a diary.
  • De With love app is a streaming platform for romantic series. Meanwhile, this is the largest streaming platform in the niche market.
  • With the Digital Key of Roompot is it possible to check in and out without going to the reception.

Develop Android apps

When you want to have an Android app made, the code is developed specifically for Android. This guarantees the best quality and allows you to use all the functionalities of the smartphone.

The development of an Android app often goes hand in hand with an iOS app. If you let the app write in both codes, the app will work with the best performance on all devices. We have done this for example Range, the app to avoid checks. 

Do you have an app idea that requires complex functionalities? Then we recommend one native apps to develop. If you're not quite done yet, take it contact contact us, we will help you further.

Develop Android apps

Would you like to discuss your app idea with an expert?

Would you like to discuss your app idea with an expert?

Our app experts Fabian and Marthijn are ready for you. In a Contact us of 30 minutes we take the time to discuss your app idea. Because you have the idea and we have the technical know-how. Together we look at the possibilities and take you through the entire development process.

Our method and the development process for your Android app

Our working method is efficient and validated. This ensures money and time savings and a sustainable app that lasts a long time. From the start of the project, you as a client have access to our Project Management System (Jira). This way you know exactly what your app team is doing and in which phase the app is.

More about our developmentproces

Do you have an app idea? We start with one Accelerator Day. Together we shape your idea and create a clear roadmap.
Take a brief look at the process for developing an Android app below.

Android IoT app in-lite

The in-lite Android app for smart lighting

Our Android development team performs well. So is in-lite a good example of what is possible with an Android app. Via a Bluetooth Mesh Network, users can control all garden lighting via an app.

All lamps communicate with each other in a smart way. This is a form of IoT (Internet of Things). This way you personalize your garden by using different routines.

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The Android app BAGTAG, carefree flying

By developing the Android app BAGTAG can travelers check in their bags without printing a receipt. This works by means of an electronic luggage tag that is attached to the suitcase. 

BAGTAG thus contributes to making airports more sustainable because the labels no longer need to be printed. Did you know, for example, that so many labels were printed last year that they could circle the earth no less than 58 times in a row. 

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Android app Bag tag
Android app development

Want to know more about Android apps?

Our Android developers develop apps for all common Android devices such as: Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Motorola, Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Google Pixel and more. The app is compatible with devices that work with operating system from version 5.0 to 12.0. Do you doubt whether your Android app can be built for a certain type of device? Then take it without obligation contact us.

Of course! Are you an Android developer yourself and are you looking for a Android developer vacancy? At Coffee IT we are always looking for new talent to join our team. At the moment we have both a junior Android developer vacancy and a medior Android developer vacancy open. View our vacancy page or come by our office for an introduction.

The costs for developing an Android app vary between EUR 20.000 and approximately EUR 100.000. Because every app is production customization, the costs for development are also customization. For example, the costs depend on the desired features, development hours, etc. Would you like to receive a quotation for your concept? Request one free of charge quote .

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