Utrecht, November 11 | 5 minutes 

On Tuesday, the third Apple Keynote took place in no fewer than two months. The Silicon Valley tech giant presented its own computer chip: the Apple M1. Under the name Apple Silicon, Apple has been producing its own chips for the devices that run on it since 2010 IOS: the iPhone and iPad. During the day Apple's WWDC was already hinted at the expansion of the Mac series, but now it's really here. Is the m1 chip the future of Apple? Below we go into more detail.


The Keynote of November 11, 2020 was full of new products that many Apple fans are excited about. It has long been known that this Keynote would be devoted to the Mac series. With the announcement of the M1 chip, Apple wants to secure its position as a producer of high-quality computers and laptops for the future. Apple does not immediately put the M1 chip in all Macs. An updated Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and Mac mini are the first three products to receive this chip. Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) said during his presentation that more products will receive the new M1 chip in the future.


The Apple M1 is a chip with eight cores that, according to Apple, can give the best performance per watt. The M1 also has an eight core GPU, which in turn is the most advanced graphics processor they have ever produced. You get the picture: Apple has put everything you could want in the M1. As we are used to from Apple, we also got to see some performance figures of the chip. The M1 should perform twice as much as current competitors and require only a third of the energy.

Apple M1 chip


Many a blog wrote about the arrival of the Apple Air Tag, but it was not presented during the Keynote. We did notice a few other things during the Keynote:

MacBook Air keyboard
The F4 button / Mission Control button of the MacBook Air has been replaced by a Do Not Disturb button. This fits in perfectly with the new trend of tech companies: making users aware of the time they spend with their devices. In addition to screen time, Apple is also paying more and more attention to the privacy of users.

The 'old' version of the MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro and Mac mini are still for sale 
The current version of the MacBook Pro, Mac mini and MacBook Air (with the Intel chip) can still be ordered. Would Apple have produced too much?

The battery of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro now lasts much longer
With the arrival of the new M1 chip, the battery of the MacBook Pro now lasts no less than 20 hours(!), that of the MacBook Air 16 hours. That is a doubling of capacity.


Apple has launched a lot of cool products this year. Not only hardware but also major software updates (OS Big Sur and IOS 14) have come along this year. As developers and tech geeks, we can't wait to test and deploy these new updates for our customers. For example, we could not resist the new one LiDAR technology of the iPhone 12 Pro right away. We are very curious what Apple has in store for us in 2021.

Until the next Keynote!