The Java-based programming language 'Kotlin' was introduced in 2011 by JetBrains, the developers of PhpStorm, Android Studio and popular IDEs. Kotlin has been described by many developers as 'the language of the future of Android development' as a language that can do everything Java can do, only better. Team productivity and maintainability are spearheads of this native programming language Android apps.

In-lite is developed in the Kotlin programming language. The In-lite app gives users total control over their in-lite garden lighting. By using routines and motion sensors, this is a smart, sustainable way of operating the garden. They have opted for a native solution in Kotlin to give the in-lite customers full control over all functionalists and provide the best user experience.

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Increased productivity

A clear, compact and efficient language with an intuitive and concise syntax. Kotlin ensures a reduction in the number of code lines and ease of maintenance.

Bye bye buggy

Fewer lines of code means less error prone. With a clean and compact code base, there is no room for bugs. The compiler can identify errors at compile time.

Java compatible

Kotlin is consistent and works well with Java and many other related frameworks and tools. This makes it possible to easily switch to Kotlin.

Programming paradigm

Kotlin has both object-oriented and functional constructs and offers first-class support for features such as higher orders, function types and lambdas.