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Transform the lives of millions of users with a powerful IoT solution. Our team of experienced developers creates custom apps that optimize business processes and improve daily lives. Find out how we're already successful IoT apps have developed for in-lite en KLM. Ready to make an impact?
IoT developer KLM Coffee IT

IoT developer Coffee IT

Our team of 40+ certified developers has already developed dozens of IoT apps. Through our collaboration with hardware partners we can offer an end-to-end solution. Whether it's a IoT solution or a Industrial IoT solution. We are your partner for your entire project, from design to IoT analytics. 

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Would you like to have your IoT solution created?

Nowadays everything turns around connectivity. The IoT market is growing rapidly, and this is no surprise; IoT solutions not only optimize business processes, but also enrich people's daily lives. By investing in the development of an innovative IoT solution, you can open doors to a user base of millions of people and make a real impact.

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Ready to have an IoT app developed for your hardware? Discover our insights after building dozens of apps in our whitepaper: 'Lessons learned after developing 10+ IoT apps.'
The most common mistakes of IoT app development
Crucial aspects - such as choosing the right connectivity
Packed with tips to avoid the pitfalls
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Success stories from our customers

We guide our customers from concept until well after release. From applications that make aviation more sustainable to smart garden lighting. View examples of our work below.

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Why choose Coffee IT as
IoT developer?

ISO certification

We are ISO-27001 certified, which means that we comply with international standards for information security. This way we guarantee the protection of your privacy and data

Experience with IoT

Using the latest trends and technologies such as Matter, we have developed dozens of IoT apps. By collaborating with hardware parties, our apps integrate seamlessly with smart devices.

Agile development process

We work in sprints and biweekly retrospectives. This allows us to process your feedback and deliver the desired results within the agreed time.

Our validated IoT solution development process

Flutter app Accelerator day

Accelerator day

During the Accelerator Day, we translate your concept into a roadmap with clear steps and think through your entire concept from A to Z. As an experienced developer we are happy to share our knowledge and experiences.

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Wireframe & design

A well-thought-out app design is the key to success. It is a combination of solid research, simplicity and focus. Our designers translate your IoT app idea into a user-friendly app with a well-considered flow.

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Flutter app wireframe and design
Flutter app development

IoT solution development

Now we're really getting started. We develop apps using our Scrum method: in small multidisciplinary teams we work on the app in two-week sprints. Experienced
project managers ensure proper planning and clear communication.

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Release time

Let's pop champagne! This is the moment we have worked hard for: your IoT app is live. We ensure worry-free operation and support.

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Flutter app release

Extra service

Management & maintenance

No downtime. As a developer, we know how important it is that the app always works. With active monitoring and support in the evenings and weekends, we are always there for you.

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Extra service


Marketing starts the moment the first code is written. You want to create a lasting relationship with the user. The right app marketing is essential for this. It ensures more downloads, active users and more revenue.

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IoT solutions for iOS, Android and web

IoT solutions can be developed for Android, iOS and web. A native app offers optimal performance because the code is written separately for each platform. An alternative and cost-efficient approach is a React Native app, which uses one language for both platforms but may offer slightly less advanced performance. While a web app may not provide the same in-depth access to device features and hardware as native apps, it is still a suitable choice for certain applications. IIoT of IoT solutions.

Hybrid apps

A development for both platforms. iOS and Android written with React-Native.
Faster development
Web technology for apps
Perfect in combination with web app
Single development
Less operating system capabilities
Lower performance

Native apps

The best performance for IoT solutions and access to all functions of the smartphone.
Best user experience
Most possibilities
The right basis for further development
Tailor-made for each operating system
The most beautiful animations and transitions
Longer development

Web apps

The feel of an app. The convenience of a browser.
No download required
Ideal for IoT management
Suitable as an extension to a native development
Lowest cost
Not in the App Stores
Possibilities for IoT limited

Our tech stack
for the development of IoT solutions

Each project requires a unique approach and set of skills. Us diverse team has knowledge of various, latest technologies and languages ​​to create innovative IoT solutions.

IoT developer technologies

IoT solutions for every industry

As an IoT developer, we strive to improve the quality of life with valuable innovation. We realize tailor-made solutions for every industry, from consumer IoT to industrial automation.

Free consultation

Do you have the idea for an IoT solution? Or do you want to know more about the possibilities of IoT? Schedule a consultation and discuss with one of our experts. We take you into the world of IoT and give you concrete advice for your concept.
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