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Today we are not talking about the latest IoT developments in agriculture, programming with SwiftUI or the pros and cons of the macOS Catalina. Today we are talking about Africa. Africa, you say? Yes sure, Africa. Because where we have the privilege to talk about such topics and try them out ourselves, not everyone has that opportunity. That's why we came up with something fun at Coffee IT. We will be committed to digital education in Africa, so that in the future everyone can talk about such topics. How are we going to do this? With your help, or at least, if you're interested.

How: buy a Coffee IT sports shirt and we will donate ten euros to 'DEAN'

That's our idea. Donate ten euros, receive a Coffee IT sports shirt 'for free' and we will ensure that the full ten euros go directly to the charity.DEAN' (Digital Education Africa Network) goes. If you want to contribute to this, you can fill in the form below and we will send you a Coffee IT sports shirt. To keep everything as transparent as possible, we have opened a separate account for this, we will keep you informed of the amount raised and we will send you an update when our goal has been reached: 'sell' 100 shirts and raise 1.000 euros. to donate. You can read more about the goal and our motives in the Q&A.

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Q: Can you tell us more about the charity 'DEAN'?
A: DEAN stands for Digital Education Africa Network. This NGO is committed to better education in Africa and achieves this, among other things, by training teachers and setting up educational programs. They use digital learning resources for this, in the belief that this contributes to socio-economic changes. In other words: that everyone will soon have the means for training and technical innovation, and not just the elite.

Q: But, what exactly does Coffee IT have to do with that as an app developer?
A: In theory, nothing. This project is therefore separate from our daily activities as an app developer. DEAN's project fits well with our vision to create a world where technology and user work together seamlessly to achieve a better quality of life. By closing the gap between the elite (highly educated) techies and those who don't have the means to do so, we hope to get a little closer to our vision.

Q: How did this idea of ​​donating and committing to charity come about?
A: Good question! Nice of you to ask him. The idea actually rolled in slowly when some colleagues from Coffee IT took part in a run for a local charity last week. We had Coffee IT make sports shirts for this. Because admit it, your own Coffee IT sports shirt is pretty cool. During our lunch we talked about it and we talked about a charity that was close to our hearts (DEAN). One thing led to another. This is how the idea was born to have 100 more shirts made and to donate the proceeds to this cause.

Q: Can I be sure that the full amount will be donated by you?
A: Another good question. Yes, you can rely on this. We are still looking for a way to show that 100% of the amount raised goes to DEAN, but for now you just have to trust us in our good Coffee IT heart. To make it as transparent as possible, we will update the status when we have achieved our goal and ask DEAN for a follow-up after the donation of 1.000 euros.
Navigate to DEAN's page:

Q: What if more money is collected, will this also be donated or will it end up in your own pocket?
A: In principle, this is a one-time and playful action on our part. When we receive 100 donations/requests for Coffee IT sports shirts, we will stop the campaign and donate the full amount raised. If this amount is more than 1.000 euros, we will also donate the excess amount.

Q: What do the sports shirts look like?
A: The sports shirts are black, made of breathable polyester material and have our logo printed on the front. Maybe you've already seen one of us working out with it? See the image below for an example.


Nice that you want to contribute to this good cause!

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