Utrecht, 5 October 2020 | 5 minutes 

The second corona wave has ensured that almost everyone has to work at home, sucks! Now we're at home staring at our screen again. One finds that annoying and the other very pleasant. Still, working from home doesn't do much good for the team.

That is why we do everything we can to make working from home fun, to maintain contact and to strengthen the morale of the team. We explain how we do this including 5 useful tips!


Friday is one of the most important days for the team to get to know each other better. We often plan fun activities, have a drink together or play games. All in all, we always try to make something fun out of it.

That's what we did last Friday night. A big challenge since everyone is at home. Fortunately, we have a creative culture crew and they came up with the following game:

The game

Almost everyone is familiar with Kahoot. We also used this for the Friday night game. But now in a different variant.

In pairs we made up questions about each other that the others didn't know. Along with the correct answer, everyone also came up with three lies for their questions. This way you have a quiz with sixteen funny and personal questions with eight pairs.

One of the culture crew hosts the Kahoot quiz and the others were allowed to play the game in their own teams.


The game is not only played in small teams because it is necessary, it also creates a bond between them. If you are assigned to someone you don't normally work with, you will also get to know a different side of him or her, nice!

During the game you go into consultation after each question (quickly) because otherwise you will be too late with the answer.

After each personal question, he or she may give a brief explanation. You will soon see that you can also laugh with each other via image bubbles!

culture crew

We have appointed a culture crew to organize these kinds of activities (also one of the five tips). They provide these activities! Now it is of course a lot more difficult to think of something fun when everyone is at home. But they have proven their creativity!

5 Tips to make working from home fun 

Now we also want to give you as a reader a few practical tips to make working from home a bit more fun. That is why we have five useful tips for you that you can use.

Tip 1: plan a digital coffee moment every now and then

Now you can call, email or send Slack messages with questions or for a consultation. But you still miss something personal. Try to use video calling regularly with your colleagues. This way the conversation quickly becomes a bit more informal and you continue to see each other. This makes contact with your colleagues feel a little less distant.

Tip 2: make clear agreements

For many, working from home is an extra challenge because they have small children, for example. For example, it is possible that you are not always easily accessible. Therefore make clear agreements. This ensures less annoying calls or emails. This is how you keep it fun together!

Tip 3: pimp your workplace

Your workplace is extremely important for your concentration and happiness at work. For example, by placing a plant on your desk you will concentration increase. Not only this, your workplace is a place where you sit for about eight hours a day. Then it is important that you also enjoy sitting there.

Tip 4: set up a culture crew

It is almost impossible to come up with something fun with the whole team. This is because everyone wants something different and has different ideas. That is why a culture crew is very important. Don't have a culture crew yet? Report this to your employer. If two creative employees are appointed, you can be sure that something fun will be planned.

Tip 5: virtual drinks

A virtual drink will of course not become the standard, but for now it is a nice starting point. This way you have informal contact with each other and you get to know each other better. During drinks, you can also use games or do a story round.

We hope you can take advantage of these tips! Lots of homework fun!